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Tempe, AZ. The Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation Scholarship Application Portal! The SMCC courses are held nationwide at universities and colleges and offer you the tools you need for a successful life! Scholarships offered at other Maricopa County Community Colleges. Obtain loans, scholarships, scholarships, and more to finance college.

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Our courses are conceived to meet all your needs. On-line' flexibility allows pupils who work during the course of the week or have a different timetable to attend lessons in their free hours. After all, managing your own schedule is the cornerstone of your business strategy.

It is still possible to communicate a course personally in on-line classes. When you need help, you can e-mail your instructor, speak to a mentor 24/7 on-line, speak to a mentor at the LEC or call the HelpCenter. There is no need to give up your own lives to get an apprenticeship; now you can find out more about learning on-line!

Another instrument is available to on-line students: CANVAAS provides easy acces to course contents, calendars, music booklets, forums, on-line questions and other courseware. Recent undergraduates can login below.

Diaz: The Maricopa Adult Education Centres are full of negative information, and nobody is interested in it.

You' ve been hearing a great deal lately about the state' s biggest community college system. Maricopa Community College District, with more than 200,000 college graduates at its 10 locations, is in a downwards trend and no one is alert. There is a dispute with the Department about political changes in the negotiation of wages and working terms.

In the midst of an uproar of the staff, the Executive Committee on Tuesday approved the abolition of the possibility of negotiation. After the 2018 soccer championship, the club's soccer programs will end. In January, former lawmaker and campaigner Alfredo Gutierrez retired, invoking public policy questions. Last year Gutierrez retired as Chairman of the Administrative Council after an inquiry by staff members had sparked disputes among fellow members of the Management Committee.

So what really happens in the county, and should we be concerned about his later? It seems that the precinct is worsening unstoppably and nobody lifts a hand to help before it is too late. What do you think? Recent controversies are not just domestic issues that the districts should resolve. Marinick Maria Harper, registrar for the community college system, said she and the executive committee are making difficult funding choices because of a shortage of funds.

"By the end of the artifact, the pipe content is to message cheap content," same Harper-Marinick, with reference to the judgment to termination field game system in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Glendale. Harders-Marinick rejects the idea that the system is on a downhill path, but admits that it is hard to keep. $3 million in 2011, to $6. 9 million in 2012 and ultimately to $0 2016, noted former Chancellor Rufus Glasper.

Throughout the following year's budgets request Gov. Doug Ducey once again snubs the community colleges without financing allotments. And this at a timeframe when Ducey and economic leader are passing the state on to businesses all over the globe, but at the same it is complaining about a lack of 10,000 people. There is no money for Ducey and economic leader to disregard community college.

Sure, they're friends with Harper-Marinick - even with prizes and distinctions.

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