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When you can make it here (as a restaurant), you can do it anywhere. Chief/Owner, March Restaurant -- New York, NY By Bob Bickell Wayne Nish " Wayne Nish and Joseph Scalice's March has always been about eccentricity. The Hurley's is a classic American restaurant & bar in New York's theater district. So, here is an always up to date view of the best restaurants in New York: You can book now at The London Bar & Restaurant in New York, NY.

Proprietor March Restaurant, New York, NY

"With Wayne Nish and Joseph Scalice, it was always eccentric. It is not conspicuous excentricity or superfluous excentricity, but excentricity in the best meaning of the word: an animating non-uniformity of the path. Head chef Nish: Traveling to Switzerland, I can still recall the best eating experiences at Fredy Girardet's famous restaurant Girardet.

It was a good year for me and I was in the printing-industry. It was boring, but our deal was financial and I was sitting here with my new woman. I sometimes think that almost everyone wants to be a cook in secret, but it's a more complex and demanding job than you can ever think of.

Head cook Nish: Took me actually three years to fix everything before I signed up at the New York Restaurant School, and it really wasn't the giant jump you're proposing. In fact, Wayne Nish wanted to become a cook many years before an illuminating dinner on his flitter.

Head chef Nish: So, the characters were there, but I was far from a serious gastronomic careers. Head chef Nish: My early architectural careers never worked, so I guess I won the magazine and happened to end up in the print industry. PETRODUCTION: How important was your cooking class?

Head cook Nish: This was crucial because it took me away from the commercial community and made me think virtually around the clock about groceries. This restaurant was four-starred by the New York Times, so I was in the right place at the right one. It was thanks to Barry Wine, who had the restaurant and was a self-taught solicitor.

In the 1980s, New York's top class recipes were in France and the cuisine was influenced by the classical style of France. And Barry didn't worry about France's leverage. The Quilted Giraffe became the true catalyser that started your carreer when you switched to La Colombe d'Or, which became the next big cat.

Head cook Nish: The Colombe d'Or was a restaurant known for its Proven├žal cooking, and here too I was restricted in my education. Being the new head cook, I just let my instinct come to power and everything fit together. It was this ingenuity that enabled me to work with a very gifted general director called Joe Scalice.

In 1984 Joe became a waitress at La Colombe d'Or and was appointed General Director in 1987. In 1990 you joined forces with Joe Scalice to open March, and this "dynamic duo" has put your restaurant at the top of almost every restaurant in New York and made you a world-class cuisine.

Head cook Nish: If a restaurant is to be run successfully, it must have someone to manage the front of the building so that the cook can focus on the day. Initially he wanted to work as a scenographer and like me he switched directions and devoted himself entirely to gastronomy. 1990 was fifteen years ago and March was a long one.

If you look at the qualitiy and amount of really great New Yorkers, your hit was a great performance. What are you doing after 15 years to keep March at the top? Head chef Nish: This is a new era of eating in which the old Parisian style no longer works and in which the question of eating formally is seriously questioned.

Things are more informal, so many of us have to be planning for a rather insecure and constantly evolving one. And is that a sign that March will soon be a more relaxed restaurant? Head chef Nish: As for March, I've always done the same thing and I've never forgot my New York-origin.

Head chef Nish: It' s an economical thing, as the best of everything can be found here, which includes commerce and industries, fashions, art, things like the apparel quarter, the newsagents, the neighborhood and of course the restaurant. When it comes to the best brains and talent, is that what makes New York so great?

Head chef Nish: There' re great cooks and restaurateurs all over the United States, there's only a greater focus in New York. And what made your carreer so unique? Head chef Nish: We recently marked the thirty-fiveth reunification of this Cornell Brotherhood, where I began my cuisines. It was in March and the number of visitors was astonishing.

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