Map of new York states

New York State Map

The number of farmers' markets in the state of New York has increased rapidly over the last ten years. We' ve at last got the perfect map of New York State that defined what Upstate, Downstate, Central New York and Western New York is. The New Yorkers have been fighting for years over where Dowstate ends and Upstate begins and what exactly it was - New York City and Western New York - and now we have it in a perfectly hand-drawn map. Fuck, I wager the Iroquois and Algonquin were full of crap about which race was an upstater with their Timbs and Yankees before the Caucasian man came out of Europe.

The Rochester is the gate to the West. The Utica separates the normal upstate NY from Central NY. No one will argue that just south of Lake George south of NY AKA south of the wall, because there are only wild men without access to the net and they are too preoccupied with looking for their meals to worry about what folks are saying about them on a map.

Obviously you have Hardos from the town and Long Island say that everything northern of Harlem or the Bronx is upstate because their whole point of view is that notorious New York covers the run. They' re just dull. However, for the truly impartial folk who were actually in this huge fucking state, they know that this is all nonsense.

Will you tell DMX, Jadakiss and all the other Yonkers guys that they're some fucking countryside upstarters? Now, in the sense of openness, I acknowledge that I like this card because it puts me in the same pot as a downstater. Living just off Westchester and having boyfriends (humblebrag) living in both New York City and the Albany area, I have long been a man without a home.

Town folk call me an upstater and Albanians call me a downstater. I' ve said for a long time that if you can take the Metro North into town, you're a downstater. You are not a downstater if you need to depend on Amtrak or driving. It is a vast state and someone who makes up more than 90% of the state is Bananaland.

Apropos Bananaland, Dave's hunch where New York City really is Bananaland. I have long thought of Syracuse as Western New York because it was just south of Albany and it is always hit in the tail with sea-effect smack. New York city centre. The Buffalo with his glory #BillsMafia is as western as it can be, and everything else just fits together.

As a downstater, however, these concepts are still somewhat alien to me. Yes, this is an occasional donkey blogs for Barstool, but any New Yorker appreciates such an important topic eventually addressed (except for the previously mentioned townspeople who are continuing to cry that all northern of the 125th Street is upstate because they are loving screaming and reasoning.

We should almost give the town and Long Island their own names so that the remainder of us no longer have to listen to their silliness.

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