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Monroe County Ny Map

Northwest Monroe County Map - Info. Monroe County simplified map, NY. Overview map with municipalities, buildings in rural areas and names of house owners. You can find links to maps on this site. Monroe County map of state-owned properties open for public recreation.

Monroe County Map, New York

Chicago-quotation: Browne, P.J., A.G. Gillet and Robert Pearsall Smith. Monroe County, New York. A. and Gillett Publishing House, 1852. Browne, P. J., Gillet, A. and Smith, R. P. (1852) map of Monroe County, New York. A. and Gillett Publishing House. Browne, P.J., A.G. Gillet and Robert Pearsall Smith.

Monroe County, New York. A. G. Gillett Publishing House, 1852.

Monroe County, New York.

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Tickets for Monroe County, NY

This are the cards you can find here in the GenWeb of Monroe County. Beside these cards there are many graveyard cards on the graveyard site and a link to cards on other sites on the link page. Jpeg-files; 750kb). A 1794 map of Phelps & Gorham's purchase (Jpeg-Datei; 1mb). The 1869-70 map of Monroe County by Child's Gazetteer (Jpeg-Datei; 480kb).

In 1908 motorway maps for the whole district. 1980- Road map of Monroe County (Jpeg-Datei; 835kb). Jpeg-Datei; 184kn). Charlotte 1872 Town (.jpeg files; 203kb). Charlotte 1872 Town (.jpeg files; 192kb). Ancient chilli inhabitants - before 1822 (Jpeg-Datei; 280kb). East-Rochester around 1985.

Acre Tract 100, 1814 - now downtown Rochester (Jpeg-Datei; 550kb). Rochester 1817 Township (Jpeg-Datei; 187kb). North half of 1838 map of Rochester (Jpeg-Datei; 270kb). South half of 1838 map of Rochester (Jpeg-Datei; 253kb). Rochester 1904 map (Jpeg-Datei; 1mb). Born in 1956 Map of Rochester (Jpeg-Datei; 2.1mb).

1980- Map of Rochester and surroundings (Jpeg-Datei; 920kb). Rochester Gas & Electric supply area map; 1957 (Jpeg-Datei; 2.8 MB). Return to Monroe County GenWeb.

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