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New York Map - Brooklyn Bridge View the most important sights, places, museums, cathedrals and sights in our map of New York. For your convenience when you reach your final destinations, on the map you are printing, you will find numbers on the various symbols corresponding to a map of the most interesting places of interest. Find out about the goal: Click on the colour index. To move over the map: Move the cursor over the map. Enlarge: Double-click on the map's lefthand side or move the slider up.

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These are the districts of Brooklyn, one of the five districts of New York City. Brooklyn - is named after the geographic location of the city of Brooklyn, which today comprises the areas mentioned above under the headline "Northwestern Brooklyn". It' not in the south of the city.

Brooklyn's southwest part divides lined roads and alleys leading from36th to 101st St. and from 1 Avenue to 25% Avenue through the neighbourhoods below. This is Brighton Beach, also known as Little Odessa. The old town of Brooklyn in the Netherlands was made up of six cities with clearly delineated boundaries.

They later became British colonies and were gradually consolidating until the whole of Kings County was the united city of Brooklyn. Bushwick, Brooklyn, Flatlands, Gravesend, New Utrecht, with Flatbush in the midsection. Contemporary districts that bear these denominations are situated approximately in the centre of each of these pristine cities.

In 1898, after a 1894 poll, the whole of Brooklyn became a part of New York City. Incorporated in Brooklyn in 1854. 1869 in Brooklyn. incorporated into Brooklyn in 1894. incorporated into Brooklyn in 1894. incorporated into Brooklyn in 1894.

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