Mansions for Sale in new York state

Villas for sale in New York State

You can always choose from a wide range of luxurious Upstate New York Real Estate. Have a look at one of New York's most expensive villas. By courtesy of HOMESMART HOMES and ESTATES MG. Looking in Long Island Real Estate. Jamaica Estates Research real estate market trends and find properties for sale.

The most expensive houses in New York suburbs

When you' re tired of squashing flats in New York City but still want to remain within commuter range, these stunning houses could arouse your interest. These are the most pricey houses in the New York City outskirts, from the villas in New Jersey to the horse settlements in Connecticut. 15 This property on the water is situated on a remote promontory.

The four-hectare home has a neighbourhood on the waterside and overlooks the Long Island Sound and the port of Larchmont. Further equipment characteristics are a low tide mooring, a lawn-pitch, a fitness studio and a coach-cabin with more than four car parks. 14 This building was chosen by New York Cottages and Gardens Magazine as the "Designer Showhouse of Westchester".

Just 30 mins. from Manhattan, this 1914 Murray Hill property is on the 3rd floor. 75-hectare with a winter park with Paladic window, nine chimneys, a reading room, a lounge and a patio with a view of the pools. There is also a fully fitted swimming pools with its own bathrooms, a tenis courts and a guesthouse with two bedrooms and a Greenhous.

13 This New Jersey property comes with a bespoke café and a gulf simulator room. The New Jersey property is located on a five hectare plot with swimming pools and a swimmingpoolhouse, playing fields, playing fields, basketball court, playing field and playing field. Meanwhile, the interiors include 26 rooms with libraries, billiards room, winery and sampling room, award-winning theatre, tailor-made café and gulf-simulator.

12 The Rosewood property is 87 acre and even has an indoors basketball area. Situated less than an hours drive from New York, this 20,000 square meter house covers an area of 87 acre. It has an open-air sports and teniscourses, an open-air playground, a swimming pools house, a garden and a lakes. Availible for the first one in 40 years, you can buy an even bigger house in the country, three hectares at the top of Contentment Island, which has a privately owned sandy beaches, over 800 meters directly on the water, 8 hectares of fish islands and 34 hectares of outcrops.

10 This house in New Jersey is set in 1,000 acre of nature reserve. The 13,500 square meter villa has 10 single and 11 bathrooms. Though it is located on meadows in New Jersey's "prime horse countryside ", it is only an hours drive from New York City.

9 This Mediterranean property "recalls the splendour of 1913. Situated on Long Island Sound, this closed house has seven double rooms overlooking the sea. His 1st 8 acre enclose terrace reasons, a puddle, the tennis courts, a jetty, a boathouse as well as landscaped roaming yards completely with creeks. Located on Long Island with a view to the south.

This 8-bedroom property still has ingenious details with curving rungs and posts. In addition there is a cottage cuisine, a tanning bed with dome roof and a swimmingpool and pool shed. 7 This Greenwich home comprises barns and pastures on almost 13 acre. The 10,222 square meter horse stable has five double rooms and nine baths, a swimming Pool, an elevators, several pastures and cowsheds.

6 This House of French Rebirth is at 1,500 acre. Built in 2006 with lime stone imports, the entry to this house opens onto the Conyers Farm's official patio and has a 150 foot sea front on Converse lake. There is a home cinema, a fitness room, a Turkish bath, a complete outside dining room and a half wooden basket ball field with a three-point NBA line of fire.

5 This modernistic home is situated on a vast landscape of fruit trees, yards, Japanese garden and France. The 22 hectare area offers a wide range of hiking trails, a privately owned Nishikigoi pond and a nearby football pitch. Meanwhile the swimmingpoolhouse has a fully equipped galley / lounge / billiardroom. 4 This Greenwich property consists of four plots of land over 75 acre.

Tudor Manor, now refurbished and refurbished in Elizabethan style, has a seventeenth cenotaph in England. There is a labyrinth, a terrace swimming pools, a tenis courts, a glasshouse, a stable, personnel buildings, a cottage and a brook course lake. The 17-room property on the water is on the 3rd floor. Seven acre of garden and 380 foot shore line lead to Long Island Sound.

It has 8 en-suite rooms, 7 chimneys, a libary, a formal dinning room, a Granit-Terrasse, an Infinity-Pool, a Steinpier and a swimming-bay. 2 This large property was constructed at the beginning of the twentieth century. That renewed 12,000 square feet house is located on 3. 28 acre with broad expanses of Long Island Tone.

Included are 100 ft of rock terraces, 440 ft of privately owned shore line, a sand dunes and rock piers. 1 This house in New Jersey is a huge 20,000 sq. m. house. The 127 hectare riding complex comprises a fully-equipped eat-in style galley with walk-in fridge, four levels, a theatre, a fitness studio, a saltwater swimming pools, a home control system, a nine-story shed and a two-family house.

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