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New York Mansion wedding venue. Prize: $$$ - $$$$$ Glen Cove Mansion Glen Cove. Prize: $$$$$ C.V. Rich Mansion White Plains.

Whippany, NJ. Glens Iceland Harbour Club, N. Rochelle, New York.

Best New York Estate Wedding Venues

As New York is home to all the fancy, glamourous and quaint things, it is only appropriate that we compile a listing of the most elitist properties in the Empire State. We have everything from the famous Cedar Lakes Estat in the Hudson River Valley to the rustic Tarrytown House Estatet in Westchester. Every one of these classical properties offers a singular and tradional scenery for your big outing.

The Hudson River Valley is the home of romance and convenience. The Shawangunk Mountain Bass provides an impressive countryside setting for any kind of outdoors wedding. Formerly home to mythical writer Mark Twain, this historical property is now a breathtaking example of style and literature suitable for any future spouse.

Recently renovated to retain some of the earlier characteristics of the home, this 1840s mansion still offers luxurious and elegant accommodation in the centre of Bridgehampton. Its geographic advantages allow visitors to walk to some of Hampton's best stores and caf├ęs.

Situated on the hill, this 150 hectare villa is satiated with some of New York's most luxuriant parks and orchards. This luxurious resort and spas accommodates up to 18 people, making it one of the property's premier accommodation options. Would you like to see more New York venues? Visit our New York Venues page to find your dream location!

It is a Tradtion of Excellence

Steve, I want to thank you for contributing to John's successful fundraiser. Both you and your employees have worked well together from start to finish. They had a great plan for our show, from the seating to the meal and the use of the whole team. All I heard all morning with 200 of them present was how beautiful everything was.

Steve and colleagues of Meadows Edge, we wanted to thank you for a beautiful wedding ceremony. It all went so well, all the things I had asked for were fulfilled, the meal was a great success and we had a lot of fun. Steve, we can't thank you enough for the great work you did for our wedding.

The West Sayville has fulfilled all our requirements, from the landscape to the meal to outstanding services. Steve and colleagues, we would like to thank you for your help with our wedding. All of our visitors were very much struck by the great meal, the first-class services and the elegance of the ambience. West Sayville Country Club really surpassed all our wishes and requirements for the wedding.

My dear Steve, there are no words to show our thankfulness. Both you and your employees have made our days astonishing and unforgettable. Steve, thank you for all your heavy work in preparing our wedding. Steve, Ann Marie and her team, we are so overwhelmed by the great work you did at our wedding.

Steve, Ann Marie, Camille, et al, We would like to thank everyone for a beautiful outing. They all had just compliments for your establishment and your people. Steve and everyone at WorldSCC, thank you for making our today really great. I' recommended everyone to the West Sayville Country Club for their wedding.

Our visitors liked the surroundings of our hotel and the excellent cuisine. You' all made our wedding a great time. Steve, Ann Marie and Staff of West Sayville Country Club, we just wanted to send you a short message to say a BIG thanks for an amazing Sunday.

It was the happiest thing Steve and I could have done for our anniversary. The waitress and barman were unbelievably thoughtful and every detail was perfec. All of our visitors were enthusiastic about the great meal and the outstanding services. If it hadn't been for you all, I know our wedding wouldn't have been so beautiful, so thank you with all my heart!

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