Manchester Community College

The Manchester Community College

"I' d prefer a woman come there for her skills. There is a challenging old-age challenge for girls in a male-dominated state. I have a saying that a woman had to work twice as much to go half as far, and a woman who starts early in her careers finds that she really has to show herself to get up the stairs, and that's where the fight is, but once she moves to a higher plane, it changes.

"However, in many places it is still male-dominated in decision-making and management. "The type of jobs that are done by a municipal agency is one of the factors.

Those jobs were stepping stones for girls like me. In 2009, it was granted the OBE for municipal administration support activities. It is Roney believes that there is room for improvements, not only to attract females at all public sector level, but also to ensure that females are given leadership opportunity.

"In a feminine perspective, this is a family-friendly policy that allows females to reconcile work and private lives. "When Joanne comes to us, the seniors will also be about 50/50," says Todd. "The right skill, enthusiasm and proudness for Manchester were really very important.

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