Major Rivers of the World Map

Important rivers on the world map

The Parana, the Mississippi-Missouri river system, Niger, the Volga and the Danube are other important rivers. Mayor Rivers of World: Nile. The world map of the Major Mountains shows all important mountains of the world.

There are 6 major rivers in the world, list of major rivers

It is 6853 km long and Nile is the longest of 6 big rivers in the world. The river has its source southwards of the Eqator, traverses the Eqator and runs through the North of Africa and hits the Mediterranean Ocean. There are two affluents - Blue Nile and White Nile. The White Nile is longer and originates in the Great Lakes area of Africa.

Covering about a 10th of the area of the Nile Peninsula. The Nile was used as a platform for the development of civilisations in antiquity. The Nile has several springs. The white Nile, which is regarded as the Nile itself, comes from the " Viktoriasee ". The Victoria Sea is the world' s second biggest freshwater pond, first near the US-Canada frontier.

The Blue Nile comes from Lake Tana in the highland of Ethiopia. The Egyptians are also known as the gift of the Nile. The Amazon is the world' s biggest Amazon in terms of runoff. It is 6400 km long and is the second longest watercourse in the world. Manaus is the biggest Amazon town in Brazil.

It is the third longest of the 6 largest rivers in the world. Chang Jiang is the name of this stream in China. This is the longest in Asia and the third longest in the world. Over three quarters of the course of the riverbank run through hills. Yangtze is China's most important tributary.

The Mississippi is the longest of the rivers in the Americas. Together with its affluents, it dewaters an area of about 3.1 million km2 or about an 8th of the whole Americas population. The Mississippi runs almost in the northern part of the country, where it hits its major rivers Missouri from the western part and the Ohio from the eastern part.

The Mississippi Drainage System includes 31 states of the USA and two counties of Canada. Add the length of the Missouri - Jefferson system rivers and you have a total length of 5,971 km, making this the world' s 4th longest one. This is the longest Russian and one of the longest rivers in Asia.

It' the world' s 6th biggest watercourse by runoff. Yenisei flows from southwards to northerly through the centre of Siberia. Its longest current follows the Yenisei-Angara - seleng haut. This is the major inflow of the Zelenga, which originates in the west of Mongolia and flows through the Baikal Sea (the world' s most deep fresh water lake) into the other Angara islet.

Including the Selenga, the Yenisey will be 5,539 km long. Yellow Fluvial, also known as "Huang He". This is the third longest Asian tributary stream after the Yangtze and Yenisei. This is the world' s 6th longest watercourse with a length of about 5,464 km it rises from the Bayan Har Hills in the west of China and estuaries at the Bohai Sea in Shandong County.

Known as "the origin of China's civilization" because its basins were the birthplaces of old China's population.

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