Main Attractions in Italy

Major attractions in Italy

Leaning Tower of Pisa. Italia, a country in southern Europe, is considered together with Greece to be the birthplace of Western culture. This is your comprehensive guide to the ten most important tourist attractions in Italy. Of course, Italy and the ancient Roman Empire, Rome is at the top of our list of the most popular sights in Italy. Colosseum is definitely the Roman monument par excellence, one of the most important highlights of the Eternal City.

Italy's top tourist attractions

Are you looking for inspirations for what you can see and do in Italy? This is a listing of Italy's most famous attractions and attractions. Though there are other amphitheatres in Italy, the Colosseum of Rome is the biggest and most frequented amphitheatre in the whole wide range of Rome. The enormous amphitheatre of ancient Rome, which Emperor Vespasian erected in 80 AD, was able to hold up to 55,000 people.

The Colosseum entry fee covers the entry to the Roman Forum and the Palatinate Hill, one of the most important antique places in Rome. Colosseum's upper and subterranean corridors are only open on special led trips that also include general entry, such as the Dungeons and Upper Tiers Tour provided by Select Italy or Dungeon, Third Levels and Arena Floor of The Roman Guy.

Pisa is the most popular city in Tuscany for visitors who want to visit or ascend the Leaning Tower, one of Italy's most popular attractions. This artistic roman-turret is one of the most renowned in Europe. Further sights that should be seen next to the lighthouse are the adjoining church made of pure whitemarble, for which the belfry was erected, and the baptistery from the year 12.

Pompeii, a town in Rome, was entombed in 79 AD by an volcanic ash plume and its remains give a good insight into the history of an antique town. Select Italy provides a half-day guide, Totally Ruined: It is easy to visit Pompeii as a full days out from Naples or Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

Pompei railway terminal (the contemporary town is spelt with an i) is only a brief stroll from the dig. In Pompeii from Rome you should consider a daily excursion with transport like Select Italy's loss cities: Florence Cathedral, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, is at the top of Florence's tourist attractions and is probably the most famous of Italian cloisters.

It was the biggest one in the whole wide range of churches when it was finished in 1436, but today it is the third one. St Mark's is Venice and one of the most important places in Italy. Surrounded by cafés, stores and a number of museum buildings, the plaza is home to two of Venice's most important sights, the Basilica of San Marco and the Doge's Palace.

St Mark's is the most visited tourist area. Cafés around the place are costly and seating at an outdoor dining area will cost an extra cost of extra services, but if you are planning to stay for a while and savor the ambience, it might be rewarding if your budgets allow.

The Vatican is one of the most popular institutions in the whole wide range of the Vatican with more than 6 million people visiting the Sistine Chapel in 2014. Though not in Italy but in the Vatican, it is the most frequented in Rome. Await at least a few hrs and do a little research on the sights in the Vatican musees in advance so that you can map your journey.

Make sure you buy your seats or take a trip in anticipation so you don't lose your ticketing line at all. Or, better still, a trip before or after the lessons, so that you can see the Sistine Chapel without people.

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