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At the Venice Biennale, the focus is on access, durability and social responsibility, shifting the literary and figural borders of an area. She provides a fascinating view of how scenography can provide an inter-disciplinary platform for brainstorming and group work. Triennale der Fotografie Hamburg provides a series of views of the city.

The constructed surroundings will be reinvented this week-end with the help of simulation, photographs and sculptures. Evelyne Bencicova has interpreted modern living through an essential but strongly oriented access to the fine arts and photographic work. Selected mandatory titles this year address topical issues such as post-truth, cultural issues, racial and sex. MoMA, Focal Point Gallery and the latest edition of Aesthetica are oriented towards metaphorical ideas through architectural and photographic means.

June's choice of photographs looks at the logics of the environment. In July, new photo and video exhibits will focus on self-image, representationalism and globalization. Extending the limits of conventional practices, this season's open shows are the interface between arts, technologies and ingenuity. This choice of designers focuses on the contributions of woman and shows how to create an alternative approach to a city.

Shortlist 2018 examines identities through the work of three short-listed motion picture manufacturers. As part of the Hamburg Triennale 2018, the artist will be showing his road photographs this year. A number of shows and papers this months will focus on the subject of cutting, trimming, filtering and the effects of electronic distribution.

Opened this past year, the exhibits reflect the fast-paced natural environment of modernity, thinking about city and countrysidescapes. Libby Sellers' new Women Report, Women Report, presents 21 innovators who have influenced the designer community over the last 100 years and restored the relationship between the sexes. Phaidon's new volume offers a focused and exciting survey of architecture exhibits.

Photo shows from 23 to 24 June deal with various facets of everyday living, from realism to eerie composition. The limits of the photographic world must continue to develop in a burgeoning world. The one-man shows, group shows and biennials this past summers show the UK's vibrant art scene. Reine Paradis' surroundal pictures, which construct a set of neo-utopian fantasies, commemorate the confusion of the Los Angeles area.

In search of the interaction between the individual and the countryside of the twenty-first millennium, exhibits must uncover the eerie in weirdness. At the same time as Art Basle, picture Basle, Switzerland's first photographic exhibition, examines the borders between the two. She catches a feeling of eternity through photographing abandoned young people in the South.

The Wim Wenders' visually illustrated journal of moments from the 1960s - 1980s provides an insight into the lives on stage that lie ahead of it. Photo shows, which will open in early June, provide an opportunity to meet nature and test the boundaries of representationalism. Alumni in a rapidly evolving optical and electronic worlds provide unparalleled, forward-looking prospects for a globalized scenery.

The photo selections of the Basel Arts include a number of important votes that raise public consciousness of current societal, environmental and policy issues. The choice of professionals this months deals with the transformation of the photographic industry and the democratization of the countryside. What can the photographer do to understand the realm? Aesthetica' s June/July issue is now available.

Towards the end of May, top shows and special shows will examine what it means to be living in an ever more globalized area. This year' s Aesthetica Kunstpreis's three chosen performers for the section Fotografie & Digitale Kunst show how the imagery makes sence. Aesthetica is one of the premier publishers of fine arts, designs and photographs.

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