Madagascar Attractions

Malagasy Attractions

Madagaskar Attractions & Highlight Madagascar is the world' s 4th biggest animal and plant life protection haven with the highest diversity of fauna and flora in the world. Preserving these protected areas and their indigenous populations is so important that the Madagascar Nationwide Park was established in 1990 to support the protection of nature in all the protected areas and reserva.

Attractions and attractions themselves extend from the beloved Andasibe, which almost guaranteed lemurs and the Berenty Reserve with its Sifaka dance, to privately owned isles like Nosy Tsarabanjina and the hilly, waterfall-covered area of Amber Mountain. For more information about our favorite places in Madagascar, please visit our highlight page, which can make you think!

Correspondingly called after the Harz of the tree, a forest of wild animals, water falls, volcanic seas and rainforests. Awake to the insistent cries of the Indians of Andasibe, the biggest Lemur of the earth, before you pursue them during the daytime! ANJAJARY Lodge is a privately owned relay and chateaux estate in its own unique natural preserve and home to the bouncing Sifaka dancers.

The Ankarafantsika is home to Coquerel's sfaka, the indigenous goldbrown murine leather, the bold midget leather and a multitude of paths! The Ankarana National Parks consist of one of a kind calcareous rocks, which are also home to coronated limeurs, midget limurs and sporty limeurs. The Berenty Reserve provides close-up views of limeurs and superb photographs of curly-tailed limeurs, danceable sifaccas and a wide range of animals.

Situated on the southwest coast, it' perfect for a few day seaside holiday at the end of your Madagascar cruise. Isalo National Park is a breathtaking trek and naughty Lemur that roam the gorges. The Masoala National Park provides unspoilt rain forest on the peninsula, with wildlife hikes, Lemur, whale spotting and rugged coast.

Nicknamed after Mikea, one of Madagascar's last hunter-gatherer associations, this southwestern Madagascar nature preserve is home to prickly forests, sandy whitewashed shores and the homonymous peoples who divide the countryside with bird, lemur, reptile and other indigenous wildlife. The Palmarium Reservation is a one-of-a-kind reservation with the possibility of photographing different types of Lemur while jumping across the balc.

Genuine Malagasy Amazon jungle, Ranomafana National Park provides woodland strolls, chamaeleons and a multitude of prehistoric remains, among them the intriguing Banzbooemur. In Madagascar, when should you go if you want to see..... In October and November the highlight of the birth of females takes place. Izalo and the Anja reservation are the best. It is Madagascar's biggest carnivore; it loves the woods and can be found at an altitude of over 2,000m.

Yanomafa is great for the reptile. Not sure where to go?

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