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Accommodation in Hudson Valley Ny

How dare you when you think of New York's Hudson Valley? How dare you when you think of New York's Hudson Valley? If it could be picturesque riverside towns full of impressive rural and federation architectural styles, generous farm-to-table dinings (Hudson Valley foam grass rings?), gentle verdant mounds for walking, vast historical properties or the 315 miles long Hudson River - then you're right.

Hudson Valley, pervaded by famous early US historical sights, is in many ways New England -like, and since the S-Bahn stops in almost every town, you are always just a quick detour from New York Central, making it a day-trip destination for the townspeople. Built around 1804 in the German Bundes-Stil, the manor house is situated on the most scenic cliff with views of the Hudson River, Constitution Island and West Point.

Guests are welcome to visit the inside as well as the site or enjoy the Hudson Highlands over a cup of wine. During the trip I learnt that the Hudson was used for harvesting the oyster directly from the Hudson in the 1800s. It was an incredible experience to climb the West Point Foundry Preserve, one of the most important places of the American Industrial Revolution.

Picture the work in the 18th c. with its hundred employees. I was on my way to the casting shop and happened to miss the road where my GPS was telling me to turn on and then drive into the historic Cold Spring quarter. There were so many well-preserved 1900' s edifices on Main St that after my trek I wanted to go back for a long luncheon.

The historical main road with its charismatic cafés and shops was very busy. I walked to the end of the road and landed in Foundry Dock Park right on the Hudson River - right across from the historical Hudson House of 1832. In Hudson House I drank Sauvignon Blanc and a Caesar lettuce while sunbathing in the sundown.

I was anxious to go to the motel to get checked in. Before I even got to the motel? I crossed the Bear Mountain Bridge on my way to the city. Historical Gothic Thayer Hôtel in West Point was constructed in 1925 at Trophy Point and is situated on the premises of the U.S. Military Academy.

Having spent some time in my room and learning about Instagram, I found Zulu Time, the stylish roof lounges of the Thayer Hotels overlooking the Hudson River right below. This was coincidentally their opening season and was coupled with absolute ideal early morning conditions. I enjoyed a few Tito coctails before taking care of my MacArthur's steak house booking and saw the after-effects of a marriage.

Looking out over the Hudson River and awaiting my starter, I was warmly welcomed by Lee, the restaurant's cook who had been educated by the CIA. Next dawn I awoke to this stunning dawn over the Hudson River and then went for a picturesque run around the school. I' ve chosen a path that goes along the Hudson River.

Historical architectural style that reminds of the landscape of Europe is abundant. and I knew the morning delivery was on its way. Before leaving West Point, I went for another walk just after I had had finished my morning break. Hudson Valley is just so photoogenic.

It is not too far and although you cannot walk directly to Osborn Castle, constructed in 1881 by William H. Osborn, Illinois Central Railroad Chairman, you can walk around the hill and enjoy the view from an Adirondack-inspired pavilion overlooking the whole value. They can even see the historical Thayer Hotel in West Point in the faraway!

I had finished my days in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

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