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Book a table for the best meal in Hudson, New York on TripAdvisor: District Tavern is a bar/restaurant near Warren Street in the historic city of Hudson, NY. Get an award-winning lunch to go! There is a regularly changing a la carte menu with dishes from the Hudson Valley. Centrally located in downtown Hudson, NY, we have the choice between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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The restaurant has a regional meal with a South -East Asia special. From its inauguration, the studio has built strong ties with indigenous peasants and grocers to accentuate the Hudson River Valley's amazing abundance. With unbelievable spices and stews, delicate salads and turnips, juicy chicken, duck and pig meat, the cooks are creating meals inspired by these hard-working men and women: where there are no indigenous choices for raw materials, the cuisine is looking for sustainably grown, biological and non-GMO-modified raw materials.

Soho & Tribeca Brunch, Mittagessen, Abendessen, Abendessen

The Westville Hudson is known for its laid-back US cuisine serving in an unassuming setting. It is the ideal place for a working lunch, a parental supper or a relaxed Sunday-frunch. The Westville Hudson offers lunch, evening meals and special brunches outside the normal menus every day.

Outside sitting areas are ideal for a hot lunch or a happily-hours. Located between Charlton and Vandam in the heart of SoHo and Tribeca, Westville Hudson is an ideal place for young workers and family seeking a cozy and inexpensive lunch, supper or breakfasts.

Westvill Hudson offers an abundant range of lunch, supper and lunch menus at reasonable rates. The Westville Hudson is also one of two Westville sites that accepts bookings and offers a rapid and comfortable way for those in the neighbourhood without compromising upon the highest standards of accommodation at all. West Ville Hudson has an effective and rapid supply of groceries and take care of a rapid and inexpensive alternative for those in the neighbourhood, without compromising on it.

Our Hudson site reaches N. Moore Street in Tribeca, Westward and Eastward side of Sixth Avenue. Situated between Greenwich and Varick Street on Hudson Street, Westville Hudson has been a favourite destination for low-cost take-out and grocery deliveries in Hudson Square and the Soho and Tribeca area of New York since opening in autumn 2012.

333 Hudson St. is just a few block from the West Village, a few paces from Soho (some call it West Soho) and just up the road from Tribeca, allowing for the supply of groceries and convenient transport to the NYC area. The Westville Hudson range of veggies includes a shortlist of over 24 different types of produce that are easily cooked, which proves that wholesome foods don't have to be dull or less tasty.

Westville Hudson's vegetables list offers you the most popular dishes such as our Dijon sprouts with honey, green beans with almonds or green peas with shallots and bacon. We at Westville Hudson are proud to have a variety of opportunities for our vegetarians and vegans. Westville Hudson proves that a meat-free Monday can be tasty and satisfying!

Veggie and veteran foods are on the advance in NYC as guests look for healtier and more accessible ways to eat when they go out, and Westville Hudson cites the menu as one of the best veggie and vegetable dining establishments in NYC. Smoky Mac and Cheese is one of Westville Hudson's most favourite and award-winning cuisine.

We have a large and comprehensive menue which is wholesome and accessible with many offers of vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free cuisine. Even though there are traditional convenience foods like our award-winning Smoky Mac and Cheese and Cast Iron Turkey burgers, there are many opportunities for health-conscious eating people looking for an inexpensive diet.

We have a long selection of large and wholesome large lettuces (such as Kale Salad or Westville Cobb), our award-winning vegetable burgers, platters and a long selection of local farmed produce shipped to Westville Hudson in NYC. One of Westville Hudson's favourite customers is our grilled salmon platter.

Comes with your selection of two veggies and ensures a wholesome and nutritious supper or lunch. Barbecued smoked fillet of smoked pork is one of the more healthful choices on the Westville Hudson cuisine. For those who want something other than chickens or one of our award-winning burger, this is a traditional Westville Hudson special.

On Hudson St between Greenwich and Varick Streets, Westville Hudson has been a favourite in Hudson Square and the Soho and Tribeca area of NYC since it opened in autumn 2012. 333 Hudson St, just a few shortcuts from the West Village, just a few paces from Soho (some call the area West Soho) and just a few paces from Tribeca.

Westville is opposite the Children's Museum of Art and is a favourite of the children and their families who visit the museum. The Westville Hudson is situated in Hudson Square, a district of Lower Manhattan, New York City. It' s relatively new and small, but it is said to be linked to Houston St to the N, Canal St to the S, Sixth Avenue to the E and the Hudson River to theW.

Greenwich Village lies in the northern part, TriBeCa in the southern part and SoHo in the eastern part. The Westville Hudson is located in the area sometimes called Far West Village, which stretches from Hudson River to Hudson Street. Westville Hudson is bordered by Chelsea and Eastern Village.

Its landmark is the entry to the Holland Tunnel in Manhattan, just a few blocks from Westville Hudson in NYC. In 1776, when George Washington headed the New York defence against the British, his head office was at Mortier House in what is now Charlton and Varick Street of Westville Hudson.

The Hudson Square is also part of the SoHo district of Manhattan and Westville Hudson takes its name from this small area in the NYC city. They are called "SoHo" because they are "South of Houston Street", and Westville Hudson is a five minutes walking distance from the Houston Street 1 stop.

The Westville Hudson is a neighbourhood paperclip in the Soho and Tribeca neighbourhood of NYC. With young familys and experts making up a large part of the Hudson restaurants, the closeness to the Children's Museum of Art makes Westville Hudson a great place for family and group dining in New York. Westville Hudson will accept bookings for large groups through OpenTable.

The Westville Hudson has a full day happily from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. with a full meal of cocktails, draught beer, jugs and home vin. It' a great after-work place for those who work in the many offices around Westville Hudson. There is also a complete meal and snacks card that can be easily combined with the comprehensive beverage specialities lists.

Westville Hudson is your new destination for those looking for a cheaper holiday in Soho or Tribeca. The Westville Hudson is one of a large selection of great dining places that serve relaxed US dishes around Soho and Tribeca. Westville Hudson's view makes it easy to live. It offers relaxed US cuisine in a cosy ambience.

Westville Hudson's rates are low and the servings are large in comparison to other local venues. The Westville Hudson is a must for local people and visitors.

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