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The Loyola medicine has made messages for the birth of two of the smallest infants that have ever survived. Rumaisa Rahman, who was in Loyola at the age of 25 in September 2004, broke the records for the smallest preterm infant for survival. Loyola's current records were set by Madeline Mann, who was 26-week-old, 9.9 oz (280g) and 9.5in. (24cm) in size.

The Loyola University has more than 50 residence and fellowship programmes in the following disciplines. Anaesthesia, combination medicine/paediatrics, dentistry, einermatology, familial medicin, general surgeries, internism, neurorology, neuroscience, nuclear medicin, obstetric and gynaecology, eye phthalmology, maxillo-facial surgeries, Orthopedic and ENT surgeries, pathologies, paediatrics, physics and physiotherapy, plastics and reconstruction surgeries, podology, psychiatry and behavioural science, radio-oncology, x-ray, chest and cardio-vascular surgeries and uprology.

Addictive Health, ADHD and transplantation cardio, anaesthesia (CV and thorax), anaesthesia (pain therapy), coronary artery diagnostics (EP), cardio (interventional), cardio (imaging), cytopathy, endo-crinology and metabolic, endo-urology and lacroscopic surgeries, feminine perine medicines and reconstruction surgeries, gastro-enterology and diet, geriatrics, geriatricpsysiology, geriatrics, Hematopatology, haematology and cancer, haematopathology, infectious diseases, invasive radiation, neonatal diseases, neonrology, neurology clinic (neurophysiology), neurorology, headaches, neurology clinic (vascular medicine), neuuroradiology, orthopedic manual surgeries, lung and intensive ophthalmology, heumatology, operative intensive ophthalmology, operative intensive ophthalmology, cardiovascular surgeries and indovascularotherapy.

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