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The Lower Hudson Valley Resorts

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New York is the second biggest and oldest growing area in the United States, so it's no wonder the area is at the forefront of the country in an artisan rebirth of hardy must! Hudson Valley is home to more than a couple hundred uniquely shaped ciders, and we've put together a special crop trail for our visitors to discover this appleseason.

Do you know that once the most popular drink in America was malted from ciders? Ever since the Colonies to prohibitions, it was a safer and tastier option to potentially polluted wells. Fermentation of the New York fruit juices allowed farmers to conserve their products throughout the year as a dried alcohol known as cidre.

However, during the Prohibition, farmers could not make or market their own malted wine because the Swiss Confederation's rules against drinking were not respected. Instead, imaginative fruit gardeners offered "sweet cider" for purchase - by reselling their non-filtered mixtures of malolactic juices before fermenting, farmers were able to circumvent these state limits. Ever since then, America has been developing a small malodorous mind-set.

It is a real mistake to combine the term "cider" with non-alcoholic, non-filtered fruit juices, initially known as "sweet cider". Whilst the sweetened wine is still made and consumed today, it has little similarity to the tender wine that our ancestors drank. However, with the new laws making it easy for New York fruit gardens to make and market "hard" malted wine, the old-timer is making a great comeback - and the Hudson Valley is groundbreaking.

Ulster County's native apple wine growers use old-fashioned techniques and the freshest locally grown apple to produce world-class apple juice that the visitor can discover and savour. Established so deep in our area, the government-approved apple wine manufacturer Angry Orchard recently founded its flagship Innovation Café House just 30 minus!

We' ve put together a souvenir tour that makes it easier for our visitors to discover the flourishing regional heritage - 60 Leagues, 6 Cidre; a ribbon through wonderful landscapes with wonderful Shawangunk and Catskill sights showing the best Cidre in the area. Westerwind Orchard is made with real must apple from our own orchards in the shade of the Shawangunk Mountains.

Hudson Valley Farmhouse Cider combines the ressources of two fruit gardens and a life-long study and intercession, producing a range of extraordinary cider that show a rugged New Worlds taste with styles and characters based on classical Western Cidre. Your new wine room was opened at Stone Ridge Orchard and is open every morning of the year from 9am to 6am.

We offer apple wines from Spanish, French and American tradition, made as natural as possible from handpicked fruit from the Twin Star orchards. We are open from Friday to Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm and offer free tastings of our apple wine. The aim of Bad Seed is to promote the artisanal apple wine production by blending old and new technologies with artisanal brewing methods.

Apple must is produced from 100% freshly squeezed fruit on a typical 6th-generation farm - without the use of alchemicals. It'?s apple wine, not cereal. Tap Room is open Saturday - Sunday 12-6pm and ends at 5am revival of America's first and largest drink - Small-Batch Hardscrabble from 100% handpicked Hudson Valley Apple.

The Kettleborough Café House was established by the Dressel dynasty, who have been cultivating fruit in New Paltz for four generations - so that they know that great strong apple wine starts with big fruit. Her apple wines are at the top and bring back the singular, complexe and almost tasty drink that our forefathers knew and dear.

A two-hundred and fifteen hectare fruit garden with 40 types of fruit and eighty years of fruit garden experiences. Now, they have some of the best ciders out there; off-dry with a crispy malty taste not that cloying sweet material. Jenkins -Luekins orchards cultivate the ciders, then produce the ciders.

Handpicked heirloom, handpicked and handmade to form a truly original mixture. Genuine apple wine, at its best. Bottle at the Farmers' Square, Monday-Friday 9-6, Saturday and Sunday 9-7 is your first and last stop on our Craft Trail, where you can find tidy, convenient and inexpensive accommodation in a quiet environment with stunning view of Catskill, a Europe-wide wellness centre with whirlpool, saunas and Turkish baths, local and more!

These manufacturers are not associated with Hudson Valley Resort & Spa.

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