Lower Hudson Valley Attractions

The Lower Hudson Valley Attractions

Find out why Discover the best places near Hudson Valley with curated recommendations from our team of travel experts. Though superficially the least spectacular of the seven historic Hudson Valley properties, this is where. Hudson Valley State Park. Hot air balloon rides over the beautiful Lower Hudson Valley. Hudson Valley is a vast, beautiful area of New York whose history goes back to the time of the Revolutionary War.

Manor Van Cortlandt in the Lower Hudson Valley - Attraction

Though on the surface the least visible of the seven historical estates in the Hudson Valley, this work and the Revolutionary War mansion is a lifetime story gallery that tells a lot about 1800s lifestyle and activity. The leaders are dressed in federation clothes, and in the huge open plan cuisine and on the premises there are cookery, forging, weave and tile shows.

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Manitoga / The Russel Wright Design Center in the Lower Hudson Valley - Attraction

This is the only contemporary building from the twentieth to be open to the general population in New York, very Zen-like, with lush greenery that almost obscures its plain outlines. It is cut into a steep drop above a spectacular cascade and a lake from an deserted stone pit. The place Wright referred to as Manitoga, meaning "place of the great spirit," but he referred to the home as "Dragon Rock" after his daughters described the solid rocks that plunge into the lake.

Next to the cottage, which is open for 90-minute walks, there are more than 4 kilometres of forest paths on the area.

Here you will find a wide range of cultural events such as music, walking, golf, ski, arts, historical and more.

Here you will find a wide range of cultural events such as music, walking, golf, ski, arts, historical and more. Explore enchanting cities such as Warwick, Sugar Loaf and Beacon, as well as an abundance of vineyards and nearby farmhouses with a variety of outdoor recreational and leisure pursuits. Some of the surrounding area' s attractions: Historical Newburgh Watersfront and while you are in the neighbourhood, Washington's headquarters is just around the corner. Just around the corner. Just a few minutes away.

Something peculiar can happen in the Hudson Valley area, according to the season. Ask our employees for one-of-a-kind activities that take place during your stay.

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