Los Angeles Wedding Venues on a Budget

Un Unleas Wedding Venues on a Budget

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Cheapest wedding locations in the Los Angeles area

The Orcutt Ranch is set in 24 hectares of landscaped grounds, which include a rosary and a lemon grove - everything you need for a nice, reasonably priced wedding. Six hour use on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday costs $2,114 and $1,354 for weekdays - but if all goes well, you will receive a $500 down payment, which is covered in this rate.

When you' re planning a small wedding - and when we say small, we're speaking of 32 or less - then Albertson Wedding Chapel might be right for you. Ceremonies packs begin as little as $295 and extend to the all-inclusive Soul Mates pack for $1,364, which contains the location, the officer, two co-ordinators, the photographer, the videoographer, the marriage licence, the entrance to the bride's room, and a bouquet kit - yes, all for $1,364.

Once you like the location for the wedding service and welcome, the package deals begin at $5,450 for 28 or $5,850 for 36 in all. It is owned by Daniel Franco, the famous costume artist you know from the first and second seasons of Project Runway. Speaking about Albertson, he says: "Imagine a wedding band in Vegas, but not kitschy, not a cutie, stylishly made by me and run by a team of romanticists, and you get Albertson Wedding Chapter.

" When you are a chick looking for an utterly stunning place to say "I do," Wayfarers is a thief. As you can get married for as low as $1,500 (Tuesdays), Friday-Sunday marriages begin at $2,900 and increase to $3,400 for the best 4 and 6pm slot. There is also no area for a welcome on the site, so these prizes only cover the use of the location for two hour ceremonies and photographs, a bandleader for the worship services, wedding tunes performed by a keyboard player and candlelight on the alter.

There are also already plenty of blank cathedrals around the event location, so you can start saving cash for your cathedrals and decorations. The place is self-explanatory, and if you have a really limited budget, jump over a welcome and go to a nearby eatery for a lovely supper.

that there can be a rather cute wedding. When you use your food on a Friday-Sunday, the fee for the wedding service and welcome is $2,500. Whilst this is also most of the furnishing you need, you will need to hire cutlery and bedding, and possibly extra of other products, according to how big your wedding is.

Talking of eating, you can really cut costs here. One of the biggest disadvantages here is that the location needs a wedding co-ordinator to be on site, which can sometimes be expensive. The Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga has a sumptuous scenery that' s ideal for a fabulous, bizarre wedding - and at an accessible price, especially considering all the available choices.

Costs for the wedding and welcome range from $125 to $200 per guest, according to the season and the chosen objects. This rate covers the rent for four lessons (more can be added at extra cost), meals, drinks (wine and beer), wedding cakes, personnel, co-ordination, taxes and tips.

In Angels Gate Park, the Korean Friendship Belfry is situated on a mound with views of the Pacific Ocean in San Pedro. It is not only the bells that are nice and emblematic, but also the views from there - and all this is exclusive for two hour for only 566 dollars.

Thats not getting you much though; generally you just pay to use the room and staff on hand to make sure the general not infiltrating your wedding. No local meals are permitted (apparently because of the birds), but there are great places near by to host a welcome party.

If you look at how magnificent and nice Mission Inn is, you might think that a wedding here would be in line with the costs of a Huntington wedding (the initial fee is $50,000 just for renting the website). Although not situated in LA (it is in Riverside), the lovely chapel and other places for the wedding and welcome are definitely deserving of a trip.

Here Chinese people can point as low as $1,500 for an psychological feature during the time period, but day their content transaction are cheap all assumption you get. You can book a luxury wedding and a welcome with a gourmet lunch followed by a multi-course meal for about $30,000.

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