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Children's Museum of Long Island, Garden City, NY. The Long Island Children's Museum - 150 pictures & 79 reviews at a glance - Museums - 11 Davis Ave, Garden City, NY - Telephone number Having raised 3 children and 4 grandchildren and visited almost every children's museum in the area, I can say that this is the best. There' s so much to do for children, it's both instructive and funny. It' s bright and colourful, with a museum shop (of course), many strategic toilets and kind, supportive people.

6 July 2018 We agreed to get passports from the locals so we could take our two-year-old to the Long Island Children's Museum because he had so much pleasure with the one in Providence that we made a stop for a Roadtrip to NH. And I felt that this museum didn't really have much for small children, except for the room for small children, where our boy hardly ever used.

It seemed to amuse itself, although it was at the friction/ball exhibition for a good amount of both. This part of the museum was covered, which was disappointing because our little child loved the game. This was a funny first event for my 2 year old infant on her second year.

The children loved to explore the whole museum and enjoy the games in the closed playground, where you have to make reservations every half hours, because you don't want the small playground to be crowded with children, which makes a lot of sense. After all, the playground is very small. Entrance is $13 for adult and children from 1 year.

Children under 1 years are free and my daugher is not qualified 1 ol;D There are different departments in the museum that teaches the children different things, peoples, atm. and more. Suddenly, which was a little frightening, haha My daughters really loved to go up the long stairs to the second level!

It was nice that there are many toilets for families and children. Though this museum is half obsolete, it is good for small children in general. It is unlikely, because other musea are awaiting to be discovered by her! That museum is saving my mind on wet summer evenings. Children find all the activity they like and interact with the other children they are meeting.

It' easy for us to stay here for two or three h. I would definitely come here more often. Added comment, I recently went to the Brooklyn Children's Museum and by comparison, long island children is taller and has more to do. The personnel were impolite, hostile and patronizing. There is a talk on the exhibition on the radio about how long it will take to make a CD.

The personnel were kind. It was my son's sixth anniversary here at the beginning of the months and it was amazing. They had great characters and were stupid and made it especially funny for the children. It was great that the free entry to the museum came for the remainder of the night; almost everyone was there.

This was a great event, I would suggest everyone a day event at LICM! Much of it seemed to be aimed at older children, but my 22-month-old children were still having a good year. While the top level was for older children, the mirrors and reptiles area was really nice for the little ones.

but it' a good place to waste power and waste valuable fucking class-- The man agreed that the children should spend the whole holiday in another children's museum near our home. So it was the ideal outdoor activities for our children, soon to be 4 and 8 years old.

There were 2 levels with different kinds of activity, which we explored for 4h. Many of the objects were shown to my children, including the bubble galery, the installation space, the sand island, the dead spot and the tool box-galery. So the souvenir store didn't have any toy designed for the museum itself, so we didn't buy anything.

We had a great part of the afternoon and we will definitely be back. A neat, funny place, with welcoming personnel for children from the ages of 1 years upwards ý a variety of items with adventure miniatures and children's toys to discover their fantasy. This is a great place to enjoy a great child's holiday.

It is also a great study time for the children and quite openly for the grown-ups. There is a carpet-covered and netted part of the route so that the children can do it. It' all labelled and illustrated for the children. There are other rooms that show how audio works.

Another pile of things for the children. After about 3 hrs we could definitely have stayed there more, but we had also visited the other musees. but this place has got to do better.

Before I went to the place, after having read all the good critics here, I made the error of buying a member of the Manhattan Children Museum, and thought it was as good or better than the Children's Museum. As another critic said, they put old revolving telephones, disks, broken plates, froth, pot and frying pan and whatever rubbish one can scraunge up from a yard sell into this place and call it a museum that hopes children would relish it.

It' a sweet museum, but at 12 month my little guy is just too young to really get anything out of this place. I' d say it's designed for more B+. You' re charging recurring kids prize for 1 and above, and in my view ($12 I believe) - that's pretty stupid.

Most of the while my buddy was in the stretcher seat, just watching. This room is sweet and full of children. You have another room that is more toddler-oriented, a playground with climbing things and the like, but it was filled by a surprise anniversary celebration, so I would have to come during the weeks when it would probably be free.

Oh, and if you want to be old - they had a revolving telephone at the museum. Altogether this is a funny museum, but I would say best for 2 and more. Have a look at your own museum in your neighbourhood as well - mine had the museum passport, which included four persons, so we went with our two boyfriends and their little one.

All but one entrance, a good business - and many local places to eat a snack after finishing the museum. It' a great museum! Attractive and entertaining objects for children of all age groups and attentive personnel. We went during a recess from class and the overall impression was not so great.

At first it was really full, unpleasantly so, with tonnes of walkers and children and grown-ups crowding through the displays. The museum would like to take into account the overall impression and not just the overall impression of the objects on display. for the first in years with my grandkids.

Generally it's a funny, educational place that definitely keeps the children busy for a few lessons, but I don't see much change. It' very disappointing for the children, as it frustrated mine years ago. As we drove through Long Island, we chose to stop here and verify it (most of the musees on the "Passport List" give free entry to members of other ASTC locations).

Mine children (3 and 6) had an exquisite period, and my man and I too (although it's more that we were enjoying visitation with our children, it's not the kind of place that also works for a pair on a date like some sci center). I' d say you could probably see it all in a few short lessons, but if you wanted to make a whole afternoon of it, your children could go to their favourite theater.

With $16 per capita it can be a little expensive for two or three hour, but if you think you could get back a few time then a subscription would make it way cheaper. Free car parks and our personnel are also available! It is on the small page in comparison to other children's art galleries.

I' ve always had a good fun here and it's not too much money. I was looking for a place to celebrate my youngest son's birth and we were delighted to find that they had some partying to do. We' ve made an engagement with the Tiffany Co-ordinator. One of my son's decisions was for a "strange scientific party", which means that they wanted to carry out several scientific tests and attend some exhibitions.

Otherwise you can take your own meal to the event. Booking on a single working days (including Fridays) you have the whole museum to yourself, which is beautiful. We were welcomed on the night of the event by the people who were supposed to lead the group. There were children from 2-12 years and even the adults had a good time.

Children liked to get to know the different types of experiment and had a lot of pleasure with their fingers on the servings. They were chaotic, but the personnel made sure everyone was clean. This was a very stress-free celebration and I am happy that we chose to hold it there. It' a little expensive for a 90-minute celebration, but we never felt rash and the smiles on my son's face were rewarded.

Big place however they need to do something about the parents insisting on using the ad Items and keeping the children waiting! It was shocking how many of my children had played with the blisters, the bongoes, the air pumps, the News12 screen, etc. and I didn't want to give the children a chance!

But when I told the workmen they just said: "We can't do anything about it"....try to tell your child why an older man doesn't want to divide the bladder staff because he has a need to start playing with blisters in his mid-40s!

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