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Federal Bar Long Beach. The Long Beach Museum of Art. Seaside Towns / Palos Verdes / Long Beach Wedding Venue. The Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach and Marina Hotel. The venue has been officially declared a historic venue in Long Beach due to its decades of heritage.

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The most demanding and progressive multimedia presentation shines with vibrant sound and stunning images that captivate you. We are sure that we have the right place for your wedding, from large and elaborate extravagances to small and private matters. Or if you like a more rustic environment, the beautiful designed Royale Wedding Chapel will make every pair think they are aprons.

The wedding of your dreams unfolds before your very eyes and with every detail carefully designed, all you have to do is inhale and say: "I'll do it. As we know, a test meal is an important part of any wedding and we sincerely wish you to share your unique night with us. Whether it' s Sir Winston's Restaurant & Lounge, stylish and stylish, or Chelsea Chowder House & Bar, there is no better place in Long Beach for an memorable wedding try.

Don't let your enthusiasm and thrill of being turn into fear because of wedding plan. We have our co-ordinators on the boat to help you construct your wedding of your dreams! Encounter one of our wedding planner in the private sphere of the lovely new wedding parlour, look at patterns of the wedding plans we are offering while you enjoy a cup of champaign and taste a tasty slice of wedding cakes.

You can customise your menu and work within your budgets to make a truly unforgettable wedding. The elegant Art Deco decor of the Grand Salon, the spacious room and the high ceiling are ideal for large functions or party. The Grand Salon is no more demanding for an event that requires a truly royal ambience.

Commemorate the greatness of the art deco age in the classy Queen's Parlor. The Queen's Saloon, the Queen for a King, has a group of gold on-yx fires that are the embodiment of luxuriousness. Unique, inventive works of art cover the wall and make this stunning place an excellent place for events that require a regal twist.

The Royal Salon used to be the first-class Smoking Lounge, but it is rich in culture and traditions. The Royal Salon, popular with Britain's royalty and US politics, radiates a touch of refinement not found in other conference rooms. Well equipped with genuine works of art from the time of the sea steamships, the Royal Salon is affiliated to the King's Room, which provides magnificent vistas in a grand environment.

It has a uniquely immersed dancing area and an opening on the sundeck, where visitors can admire the spectacular view and the gentle sea breeze. The Britannia Salon is the place where great festivities come to live. The Britannia Salon with wooden floors and platform is located at the rear of the boat and opens onto a separate terrace where visitors can admire the sea breeze and the panorama view of the city centre of Long Beach.

Bordering the Great Salon and forming part of the first-class dinning room, the four mirrored tables that tell the old Greeks' history of Jason and his search for the Golden Fleece are the centrepiece of the Windsor Salon. Convenient and classical, this stylish room opens onto an outside terrace and offers a breathtaking view of the city centre and the water.

Formerly part of the world-class Long Gallery, the Board Room houses two genuine British nautical landmarks. The Regent Room is part of the pristine Long Gallery and is more private than the Board Room and ideal for smaller groups. The Tea Room, a Royal Fair on the Sun Deck, provides shimmering harbour and sky view in an elegant, relaxed atmosphere.

Taller and more personal than the Britannia Salon, the Capstan Club has a privately owned outside terrace where visitors can enjoy the California summer glow while admiring the stunning view of the town and harbour. Genuine nautical decoration gives the Capstan Club a slightly laid-back and laid-back feeling for living weddings. Covering an area of over 45,000 sqm, the exhibition hall is perfect for meetings, exhibits and fairs for up to 2,500 people.

With an area of 45,000 sqm, the exhibition hall is split into three floors, which can be used either en-suit or separately. On the top deck is 18,000 sq. metres and can seat up to 500 people. There is a 12,000 sq. m. central deck that can seat up to 600 people.

On the lower deck of the F deck there is space for up to 500 people and covers an area of 15,000 sqm. The Mediterranean Long Beach climatic conditions, with 365 sunny nights, make it a sought-after open-air venue.

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