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Linda Loma Hospital

St. Campus. Find out about additional hospital entrances and parking space updates.

Medical Center of Loma Linda University

The Loma Linda University Medical Center is widely known for its groundbreaking and innovative work in areas such as transplantation, cancer therapy, heart management, physiotherapy, neurology, surgery and emergency outcomes. The LLUMC is the biggest and only Level I trauma center in the districts of San Bernardino, Riverside, Inyo and Mono.

The Loma Linda University Medical Center treats over 16,000 in-patients and around 470,000 out-patiently each year. This multi-storey car park is easily accessible on the edge of Barton Road and Campus St. Find out about other hospital entrances and car parks. 8:30 h - 18:30 h & 20:30 h - 6:30 h

Regional market leader in healthcare

With the regional market leaders, you will find the right treatments for you and your families in our extensive, holistic service. We strive to find new ways to keep you in good health, from state-of-the-art medical studies to the latest technologies. There are over 50 residential and scholarship programmes in a very supporting academic, research and educational setting.

You will find general practitioners, experts and more. More than 800 competent suppliers take over your medical needs, from regular examinations to comprehensive treatments. "Loma Linda's crew has become another part of our family."

Medical Center of Loma Linda University

The Loma Linda Clinic is the Loma Linda School Hospital, which provides education in related healthcare, behavioural healthcare, dental care, healthcare, nursing, pharmaceuticals, community healthcare and religious education at the Loma Linda Academic Complex. It is a Step I Clinic for San Bernardino County and the remainder of the Inland Empire.

There are two landing pads at the hospital, which can be used by a rescue aircraft or other helicopters. Its 11-storey central spire was constructed in 1967. Due to its altitude and whiteness, it is possible to visit the hospital's headquarters from various places in the San Bernardino Valley and in the hills.

This hospital is currently in the process of being seismically modernized. The Loma Linda University Medical Center is the educational hospital of Loma Linda University, which comprises medical, healthcare, pharmacy, dental, related healthcare, religious, public and behavioural healt. The Loma Linda University Children's Hospital is the only children's hospital for nearly 1.3 million adolescents in California (San Bernardino, Riverside, Inyo and Mono Counties).

The American Board of Surgeons has named Children's Hospital a 275+ bed Center of Excellence, the highest grade in inland Empire four-country area. More than 15,000 infants remain in hospital every year and over 130,000 infants attend the hospital for outpatient use.

As the only inland Empire health centre specialising in the treatment of infants, Children's Hospital carries over 1,100 seriously ill or wounded infants from the nearby clinics every year. James M. Slater Orthopaedic Treatment and Research Center at Loma Linda University Hospital (LLUMC) provides treatment with laser treatment for cancer, lungs, prostate, cerebral and other forms of cancer.

It is the first hospital-based centre for treating the country's major cancers. A multi-disciplinary multi-disciplinary effort enables expert groups, among them radio-oncologists, nursing professionals, engineers and collaborators, to carefully manage patient populations to make sure they are experiencing fewer side events and better results with the strength and accuracy of laser treatments. The use of high-energy proptons for medicinal treatments was first suggested in 1946.

However, it was not until the opening of the James M. Slater Orthopaedic Center at Loma Linda University Medical Center in 1990 that the full benefit of this therapy could be provided to cancer-stricken population. The Fermilab physicist and engineer constructed the Loma Linda University Medical Center nowadays.

LLUMC's catalyst is the world's smallest renewable energies proptron synchronytron. LLUMC was notified in May 2008 that it had been under discussion since December and completed the acquisition of the 28-bed California Heart and Surgical Center, approximately two leagues due to the eastern side of the major Loma Linda and Redlands, California campuses.

3 ] This was a clear renunciation of its earlier resistance to the scheme when it was first put forward in 2005. While the Heart and Surgery Center would have been a profit-making institution, Loma Linda is a non-profit organization and the regional clinics, and Loma Linda included, were concerned that the Heart and Surgery Center would accept all paid outpatients.

Loma Linda, however, completed the building and installation of the centre and in January 2009 obtained state authorisation to open and commission it as Loma Linda University Heart & Surgical Hospital. 5 ] The daVinci robot, which was used in the Medical Centre to carry out minimal-invasive robot surgery, was transferred to the Surgical Clinic.

Today the hospital is known as Loma Linda University Surgical Hospital when the cardiac surgeries were transferred to the MAH. Leap to the top ^ "Best Hospitals 2014-15". The best hospitals in California.

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