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We are the EXPERTS team you trust to find perfect LIGHTING solutions to match your STYLE and BUDGET. Like no other, the Dutch brand Light & Living knows how to create atmosphere with light. Light up your home with our wide range of pendant luminaires, ceiling luminaires, table lamps and light boxes. Lighting has the best quality and the largest selection of lights and lighting accessories in the Tri City area. Candelabra, bathroom lighting, fixtures, outdoor lighting, rail lighting, lamps, wall lighting, landscape lighting, recessed lighting, contemporary lamps, Browse our range of lamps and luminaires that will beautifully illuminate your home.

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Ceilings offer a classy way to prevent a shortage of lighting in the room. Sconces can be an ideal way to give your room an atmosphere. The suspension luminaire is characterized by a individual luminaire hanging from a string and tends to emit softness. There is a wide selection of pendants to select from.

It is not only that the exterior lighting makes your backyard navigable in the darkness and gives a sense of safety, but also that your home appears warmer and more welcoming. We offer a broad palette of high-quality LEDs for every need and at outstanding costs.

Downlights are ideal for lighting without losing room.

Lights & Living | A Passionate Wonderland

You can order 24/7 in our inspirational web shop! Like no other, the Dutch brand Lift & Living knows how to make an impression with lighting. It is our aim to always astonish our clients with new topics in the shape of ornamental lighting and home decor. Let the fascinating cosmopolitan lifestyle of our company take you by storm!

Immerse yourself in the inspirational Light & Living experience! Have a look at the following video to see our Lampshade Headquarters and our Lampshade Manufacturing Area. Explore the latest fashions in the fields of interior lighting, (small) furnishings and home decor. You can use our VR films to introduce yourself in our show room and in our manufacturing room in Noordwijk.

It' as if you walk through our show room and / or our manufacturing room. You do not own VR goggles, but would like to have a look at the exhibition room and our manufacturing room? You will be amazed in our renovated Light & Living show room! Our wonderful showrooms in Noordwijk (NL) and Derbyshire (UK) were renovated last months and offer even more the characteristic light and living area.

Our wonderful 1200m2 and seventeen atmospheric room settings in our wonderful Netherlands show room offer you the entire Light & Living range (including the latest Christmas collection) in a perfectly designed frame. You' re welcome to come and see our renovated show room! To make an appointement for a tour of our breathtaking show room, please get in touch with your account manager.

Let the Light & Living experience surprise you! The complete Light & Living range can be ordered in our web shop. In order to gain entry to our business-to-business web shop, you must login, consisting of your client number and your passwort.

You are a new client? At Light & Living we always try to get you inspired. We do this with a large range for a large public at a reasonable cost. Our 2018 fall and winters collections are produced with great attention to detail. This Wintermagazin presents the main features of our fall and winterswear.

In order to view the issue you need to login, consisting of your client number and your passwort. You are a new client? First one contains our lighting and shades. Second one contains our range of home accessoires and furnishings. In order to view the issue you need to login, consisting of your client number and your passwort.

You are a new client?

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