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The Lighting Plus range has established itself as a specialist for high-quality lighting solutions. Provides all aspects of high quality lighting products. Buy light, lamps and decorations for your home at Lighting Plus! ports Lighting Plus is a unique company focused on providing professional lighting solutions for a wide range of sports and leisure applications. North Austin is the nation's largest retailer!

Making Lighting Plus Ltd More Attractive

The Lighting plus range has become a specialist for high-quality lighting is. Today offers all facets of high-quality lighting for every area of lighting development. Indeed, our operations are based on these fundamental concepts and have an outstanding track record in all areas of the lighting industries. Furthermore, we are very skilled in the field of LEDs and all related lighting systems.


Suspended luminaires are suspended from the roof and can be used in many different areas. Others are equipped with umbrellas that deflect the sunlight downwards. Suspended luminaires are used to illuminate desks and work areas such as e.g. island kitchens. They' re also pretty and can do their work while accentuating the room.

Multisystems make it possible to create lighting fixtures that are as attractive as they are function. They can select their own trailers and rail head, as well as the system for their lighting.

Career Lighting Plus

Best part-time sales assistants are focused on assisting clients and loving to help them out. Best part-time sales assistants are focused on assisting clients and loving to help them out. The best sales assistants/service providers are happy to offer clients and employees a solution and send a clear signal to the group. Lightingplus, and continues to grow.

Benefit from the advantages of working for a sales-oriented retail company. The Lightingplus system has a bonusesystem that works and is accessible. Our shared track record is with the team and people who are driving the sale forward through excellent client services. Light is everywhere. There is a tutorial programme to help you learn the fundamentals and you are enclosed by the stock.

Most of our best sellers don't know they'll be enjoying the products until they work for us. While some of our employees have fun with all these things, they find that they give the most pleasure to our clients. Our goal is not to put our clients under stress, but to help them with our expertise and good client services.

We' re working to develop eye-catching promotional promotions that aim to bring clients to our branches to give employees as many ways to generate revenue as possible. In our World of LEDs campain we want to present Lightingplus as a leading company of the latest generation. We are working to reach as wide an audience as possible via Facebook and YouTube.

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