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Interior and exterior lighting at reasonable prices! See what real customers have said about Are you satisfied with Lighting Direct's TrustScore?

Are you looking for LED lights, pendant lights, table lights or outdoor lights? Collect money with Lighting Direct by shopping online and raising funds for your purposes or charity.

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If you are looking to renovate a new home and look for refreshing bath lighting or just looking for standing or writing table lighting, we have these and many more possibilities available. Provide the right lighting in and out of your home with everything from ceilings that match any room to exterior lighting for your outdoors.

Illuminate the pathway or set the spotlight on certain decorations while at the same the safety of your house is increased. Simply fill out a quote and we will reply with our best quote.

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Thanks a lot, Hannah, for taking the liberty of commenting. Attractive prices and fast deliveries. Attractive prices and fast deliveries. Lights ordered at 1 p.m. and by 2 p.m. the next morning with next diurnal deliveries. The parcel is sent by DPD Kurier, which offers you an outstanding level of quality and a 1 hours window on the date of shipment.

Satisfied with the prices and the services. Thanks for taking the opportunity to give us your comments! The order was uncomplicated and the ordered light came completely on schedule and well packed. An impeccable level of quality services. Many thanks - we are very pleased that you take the opportunity to make a few comments. Superior client services.

In October 2016 I ordered 2 emergency luminaires with LEDs that worked well until one of them inexplicably went out in September 2016. Really lucky. Our goal is to offer our customers an excellent level of services, so it is highly valued when it is recognized. Many thanks for your very friendly remarks - we are very glad that we could help!

Not helpful when it comes to return shipments. Not helpful when it comes to return shipments. We' re on a recent order and have ordered a number of individual Helios down lighter and some doppelgangers. Beautiful light....... So I asked Hollie Bisgrove Customer Services Advisor at Lyco Group if they would take them back as they are still open and we would pay for the return.

"We' re trying to be adaptable, but since the luminaires have been in your ownership for 3 month, we can't take them back for a full reimbursement or voucher. So we still have another order to place and although I can see that they don't want their supplies back, I think this is a safe way to lose a client who has been shopping with them since 2016.

That would have been a 5 stars rating if they had agreed to accept the comeback, as I think it would have been a good level of after sales and a forward-looking way of retaining customers. I am dissapointed and the morale of the history is not buy goods from Lyco until the last moment, as if you changed your opinion after a months, they will not be entertained to take the goods back, even if not opened and in the initial Lyco package. as new, ready for resale and with flawless manufacturer packing and this in this case could not be warranted, therefore unfortunately we could not take the item back as the length of the period implicated.

In the case of articles that are out of the return timeframe, we always evaluate on a case-by-case and do everything we can to meet our customers' wishes. I ordered a kit of exterior lamps. I bought a big lamp, but it was of bad qualitiy for the money.

Asked to go back through the on-line application did not hear anything, eventually got the number. A very outdated process in which you mail a document with your postal code to a simple document and ask that you pay for the costs of the post. They' re recommending that you use a autographed way of returning, so I'm out of my purse for £12.98 now!

My account manager was not very helpful and said about my communications that she would be parking it now. In general, we receive very good feedbacks about our return policy, so I am sorry that you are not satisfied.

How per e-mail sent to you our door-to-door return policy was available to you at a £5 expense. 99 plus tax, which would have been a cheaper choice - perhaps you missed this? We' re working very tirelessly to offer our customers excellent services, so it's a disappointment that you're not satisfied with us.

I' m not quite sure what we did incorrectly, but thank you for taking the opportunity to make a commented. I bought a pair of six plugs and sockets for my father's anniversary. An incandescent lamp left and after sending a spare lamp directly by e-mail, she immediately sent a new one. Excellent client services.

I ordered two lights and they were really cheap. Gladly to be recommended. Thanks for taking the opportunity to write a review - very much appreciated! Thank you! Please take notice of other lighting providers, you will have content clients. Your order is dispatched the same date, perfect communications about shipping and order as guaranteed!

I' m a satisfied client who will gladly refer you to others. Buying my lights and Lighting-Direct UK bulbs on a regular basis, as I always receive my shipment when it arrives, really packaged with care and at a very good value! Today I got in touch with their technical department and the support was excellent, I didn't felt rash and the call was very professionally but very kind.

I' ve used this comany on many occasions and never had any issues however thats until I've tried to bring an item back. Extremely bad client services. Order two lights on November 9, it is now December 10 and still no lights, every weeks I call and the shipment comes in, but it never does, avoiding you at all costs!

You' re talking about Lighting-Direct, but unfortunately I can't find any detail about you on our system.

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