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The graduate programme combines the technical and creative aspects of lighting design to enable sustainable lighting design. In the past, only full spectrum light boxes were used for the treatment of light deficiency diseases. Explore all the lights, ceiling lights, LED headlights and features of this line! Collingwood designs and manufactures high quality LED lighting products. Our aim is to challenge the limits of light and find innovative ways to master it.

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If you are a specialist in all kinds of lights, you will find everything you need on our website. We even offer a custom-made image lightening services, which enables the lightning of large screens. We also have a line of artificial light emitters for illuminating sculptures and painting.

The IP44 and IP65 LEDs for bathrooms and shower enclosures are available in a large number of designs and with the latest super-bright LEDs. MR.LIGHT offers at retail price a large selection of downlight LEDs for the entire home, IP44 and IP65 for the bath, dark spotlight LEDs for subtle illumination of rooms, all fireproof and can be dimmed, a selection of light ranges, warmwhite LEDs 2700 or 3000 degrees Celvin, frosted dull-coloured, frosted nickels, dull-coloured bras and chromium-downlight.

On our website you will find everything you need for all kinds of contemporary light.

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Suspended luminaires are multi-purpose luminaires that can be used in any room. Allows you to set up rice and case lighting. It is a multi-purpose choice that can be adapted to the practical requirements of the galley. Like the name already says, a rice and case light can be set to different heights.

It is also functional and perfectly suited to adapt the atmosphere to the event. An individual trailer is a straightforward and classical way of illuminating any room you think it is suitable for. With only one trailer you cannot do much incorrectly, because it is suitable for rooms of any size.

Clusters and cascades are the ideal way to give your home a touch of style and style. Clusters and cascades are generally better for higher ceiling heights.

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