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Restrict your search to Long Island. Long Island's best wineries offer beautiful tasting rooms, special events such as live music and many perfect picnic spots. Dear Keller + Brücke Lane. A small family business with a sustainable vineyard and winery on the northern tip of Long Island, NY. The Bedell Cellars is a family business in the Long Island wine region.

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Long Iceland Wineries & Vineyards Guide

The wineries of Long Island have become a basic food source on the East End as Long Islanders and townsfolk are flocking to the picturesque cities of East Suffolk County for daily excursions and weekend wineries. There are currently more than 90 mixed vines and wineries on the island, according to the Long Island Convention & Visitors Bureau.

North Fork has grown mainly with vineyards that have more than two dozens of vineyards alone. We thought there was an overflow of artisanal brewers on Long Island. In addition to the production of nationwide acclaimed wine, these wineries on Long Island have become a popular destination for those who want to relax on the weekend in country style, arched wine cellars or outdoors overlooking apparently never-ending vineyards.

Long-Island Farm Bureau PRP Jessica Anson says that "wineries have really been playing an important role in boosting farm tourism in the region". There is even a vineyard that specialises only in sparkling wine. The Long Island wineries have become so famous that there is even an industy devoted to the to and fro of wine tour establishments and inns.

As a whole, New York State has earned a good name as a productive winemaker. The National Association of American Wineries, New York, says the award is awarded for having the nation's forth highest wineries and producing the third highest amount of vines per year per Gallon.

Although Long Island is far from Nappa Valley-like glory, there is no doubt that the region's commitment to wines and the inhabitants' appetites for its creation is growing. Here is your tour of the wineries and vines of Long Island: Ancient Nappa Wines is situated in the centre of Peconic, with some of the best landscapes on the island that surround the area.

Founded in 2007 by Anthony Nappa and Sarah Evans Nappa, Anthony Nappa Wines has developed into one of the most prestigious wineries on Long Island. We are proud to dispense with the use of ingredients and concentrate on labelling honestly so that our clients know exactly what they are drink.

Some of its outstanding vines are: the brilliant Riesling, the Frizzante and the La Strega Malbec. The Winemaker Studio" is a cosy and private room open all year round in summers. So where else would you prefer to savour a tasty glass of fine red vine and unwind on a sunny autumn, holiday, winter holiday or even just getaway?

Your first visit to the North Fork of Long Island vineyards is to the wonderful Baiting Hollow Winery. Every week-end you can enjoy music, tasty meals and equestrian lifesaving trips, making this vineyards a great place for a funny outing. You lead award-winning wines, which is exclusively for the Baiting Hollow Winery.

It also sells two different varieties of sweet wines, with notes of strawberries and citruses, along with its periodic red and white wines. The estate has a spacious meadow with sunbathing areas, tasty starters and music. The Bedell Cellars is the Marquis vineyard of the East End.

In the possession of New Line Cinema tycoon Michael Lynne, Bedell Cellars is producing award-winning cylinders that have put the whole area on the road. Following the promising launch of Kip Bedell, the journal "Mr. Merlot", the Bedell wine was praised by the critics - even at the time of the President's investiture in 2013.

It is situated on 75 hectares of land. Taste their wine on the wonderfully landscaped terrain, in the scenic gazebo or in the secluded lofts with views of the keg basement, or head to Corey Creek, the breezy wine cellars in the look of a barns. Celebrate a group wine sampling or personal entertainment, or go and see the Twilight Series in Corey Creek for a performance of real life tunes.

The Brooklyn Oenology is an estate in the city of Williamsburg. Its name is related to the arts and sciences of winemaking. In this way, the arts play an important role in the ambience of the sampling room as well as in the artists' label that is being replaced in order to be conserved by the suppliers.

Made from New York bunches of New York grape (from the North Fork of Long Iceland and the Finger Lakes area in the hinterland), they are ground, ferment, matured and filled before being brought to Williamsburg for sampling. BOE wine is served in the wine cellar together with other New York area whiskies and wine.

Watch their happy hour Friday evening Oysters and try some of their special mixes (including an organic champagne!). Bridgel Lane was made by Lieb Cellars, another vineyard on the North Fork of Long Island. It differs, however, from the typically wineries. Most of them call their wines "artisan wines", which means that they are not made from juice but from sustainably cultivated and manually picked bunches.

It also means that the wines are produced in small lots and are made with enthusiasm and dedication to excellence. You' ll visit the main shops around Long Island and give tasting sessions in the shop for those who have never made it to the estate before. It is the ideal place to spend a good time with your friends, sip a tasty glass of good wines and listen to the young talents.

Celebrated by critics, Corey Creek has a traditional barn-style sampling room with views of its extensive vineyards. There are five different varieties of vines available for sampling, from roses to francs. The Gewürztraminer is its most distinctive white and spicy flavor and has a very special anroma. More than a few highlights have included Corey Creek's winemaking at the President's inaugural ceremony in 2013 and top class dining in some of the world's largest city citys.

Corey Creek should be at the top of your agenda if you're looking to visit Long Island's winelands. In Bridgehampton, there are six distinct vinyards that have been cultivated between 1982 and 2007. The grapevines cultivated on the south coast are slightly different from the ones in North Fork. Chamning  Daughters produce 14,000 cases of vine per year; they produce almost three dozens of different varieties: single-variety grapes, blended, filtered, refined, made with native yeasts, produced in domestic yeasts in high-grade steal vats and casks, but also in France, Slovenia, America and Hungary barriques.

Visit their country-style wine room for a taste-drive. cloviovis point wineries sit on an private 10 acres of land where they take great pride in producing interesting wines. It is a beautiful vine, managed by a small team that looks after its faithful patron. We organize wine-growing marriages with up to 250 people, and organize tastings in the wine room and shed.

Come to Clovis Point for one of their frequent artists' shows or go to one of their life musical venues (with Taco Loco FoodTrucks!). In Cutchogue, Long Island, Coffee Pot Cellars produce top quality Coffee. Coffee Pot Cellars, the newest child on the bloc, takes its name from the form of the Orient Point light house, the light of the North Fork.

Its recently refurbished degustation room serves its five wines: Adam Suprenant's mission was to make a small choice of quality North Shore winemaking - and that's exactly what he did. The undoubtedly most sought-after grape of the season, a tendency that has seeped down from France, culminating in the Hamptons, Nantucket and Miami and showing no sign of a slowdown.

At Croteax, we produce three types: Dedicate the sumptuous sweets of sommer and the colourful, crunchy aromas of the wines to the barns and gardens. Adults only at Diliberto Wineyards, the only bodega on Long Island's East End to impose a rigorous 21 and above policies on its terrain. Diliberto's St. James Taste Room is decorated with stunning mural paintings that reflect the pleasures of Tuscany' trattorias.

Going one better, the farm has home-made pizzas and other old-fashioned specialities such as antipasti, lupini and mature olive oil, as well as its award-winning wine. The estate's activities involve teaching language with a teacher from Stony Brook University and practising grapey in the vineyards, making the vineyards of the estate an unforgettable wine world.

The Wolffer Estate is a large vineyards in the middle of Long Island Winelands. On an area of 175 hectares there is also a degustation room where you can taste the excellent wines of Roman Roth.

As one of the few certificated, lasting wineries on the island, Wolffer is continuously developing new wine-making technologies that combine new visions with established practice. On Friday and Saturday evenings until autumn, the property organises evening sunsets, livemusic, jazz, weddings, partys and company outings. The Harbes Farm is a basic foodstuff on the North Fork for the family to get the price of the Long Island battle.

But hidden on Sound Avenue, Harbes has transformed a shed into a nice sampling room where people can taste and buy wines from their five hectares of vineyards. Her selection includes among others dried roses, fermenting fardonnay, icewine, pinot blank and sparkling sausage. Harbes employees, who have come to know and appreciate the Harbes products, take their help and expertise to the sampling room to help the visitor choose the right one.

Situated in the centre of Long Island, Harmony Vineyards gives the visitor the opportunity to enjoy a high class vineyard without having to drive to the North Fork. Serving extraordinary wine - from Chablis-style Chardonnays to Bordeaux-style Bordeaux mixes - as well as traditional breweries, Harmony features a sturdy small plate meal, week-long non-stop rock and roll beatiful Sunday brunches in a 326-year-old manor house and wine room that overlooks the harbour for guests to enjoy a breathtaking view.

Harmony Vineyards differs from the other vineyards in that this beautiful piece of heaven gives all its net gains in generous donations to charitable organizations that focus on eliminating famine and promoting literacy, such as Island Harvest, City Harvest, the Stony Brook Foundation and the East African Center for the Empowerment of Women and Children.

In addition to outstanding winemaking activities and a "Tasting Notes Jazz Club" in its historical farmstead (around 1690) and beloved "movie nights" under the star during the summers, Harmony is also known for its astonishing, all-season gourmet Waterfront Buffet Brunch[Read: Harmony Vineyards: Perfect Ensemble of Beauty, Wine und Brunch HERE ], which is utterly sensational.

One of the oldest Vineyard in North Fork, Jamesport Vineyard was founded in 1986 by a father-son team. A 165-year-old barnyard, which has been renovated several times over the years, houses the vineyard and the wine area. In this wine-growing estate there are often marriages, small meetings and celebrations. Five different rooms are available for these events: the wine cellar, the vine, the barrel, and the terrace.

The Jamesport range is characterised by two particular wines: East End Chardonnay, a fruitful, slightly vinous one, and Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, which has been fermenting for seven mo. and is reminiscent of barr. and citrus. Your Madagascar is considered one of the best on Long Island. The 85-hectare estate makes vines that can be tasted in its Mattituck and now Cutchogue wineries.

Its almost consistent innovative feature now comprises 3l cases of wines and wines in 20l non-returnable barrels (the first of its kind in New York). Lieb Cellars offers a choice of wines for every taste and every budget, from refined wines to the lightest Bridge Lane series. Consult their events calendars for details of concerts at their Cutchogue locations or take a private trip or taste them.

Most recently named "Winery of the Year" at the New York Food and Wines Classic, Macari Vineyard's award-winning selection ranges from Chardonnay and Dos Aguas to Merlot and the NY Food and Wines Clssic's "Best Red" Cabernet Franc. The Macari Vineyards Group is a small company, starting with Joseph Macari Jr. in the 1930' and 40', who makes wines in his house in Corona, Queens.

In the 1960s he bought the land for Macari Vineyards as a potatoe farmer and closed the cycle of his love of wines in the 90s. Today there are two sampling rooms in Mattituck and Cutchogue, a vineyards where breathtaking marriages and company parties take place, and the recently opened El Cantina, a privately owned keg cellars under the Mattituck sampling room, where guests can find out about the wine-making world.

A former farmyard run by a purebred equine farmer, it consistently produce award-winning wines and offer a breathtaking ambience in its country-style wine cellar, its prestigious Northville barns or its magnificent rosarium. Plan a personal wine sampling or visit one of their open days, such as Wine Down Wednesdays, their years old ramming parties or their MCV concerts with appearances like Eagles and CSNY tributes bands The Fast Lane and Four Way Street.

Martha Clara Vineyard is home to wonderful East End marriages, rehearsals and events and an example of what the East End's ideal wine-growing environment could do. The Mattebella Vineyards is an environmentally aware vineyard, proud of its commitment to sustainability. Tobin produces Bordeaux wines from old-fashioned harvest methods in which the bunches are harvested by han.

Your wines are rich, full-bodied and delectable. Your sampling house, situated in an early twentieth c. shed, is a cosy place to taste your wines, set in extensive landscaped areas. MacCall Wines does not produce never-ending wines. There are two main wines: Mercot and Pinots-Noire.

Your degustation room is a renovated stables that is a picturesque place to drink. By her first crop in 2007, McCall Wines are a new child on the pad of Long Island's North Fork. They are meticulously and precisely aimed at producing world-class red wines that are appreciated by connoisseurs of art.

The" One Woman" to whom the name of the vine alludes is Claudia Purita, who has been delivering bunches of vine since her early years in Cambria, Italy. Their arable land in Long Island is almost exclusively cultivated and cultivated by the women themselves, with painstaking diligence and the know-how of their years.

On the North Fork she is creating nine different types of wines, from Sauvignon Blanc to deeper Mlots. On Old North Road, the degustation room is a renovated shed whose rural charms match the ambience of the area. Taste a winemaker's piece of winemaking with a view of the area. Osprey's Dominion's 90-hectare North Fork vineyard is set in Long Island Sound and Peconic Bay.

Winners of a number of prizes, among them "Best Cabernet Sauvignon" and "Best Pinot Noir" at this year's New York Food and Wines Classic, Osprey's Domination ups LI's Wines Gaming. There is plenty of space in the rustically elegant sampling room, which takes you to the spacious area, where a pavilion, picknick table and fun activities for families accompany the lovely vines.

Osprey's Domino is a prime Long Island goal with livemusic every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the vintage time. Palmer Wineyards, one of the pristine vines of Long Island, has contributed to laying the foundations for the North Fork vineyard. Founded by Robert Palmer in 1983, Palmer has been considered by some to be the most visitor-friendly vineyard on Long Island.

That comes from the innovative work of Spanish-born Martin, one of the leading winegrowers in the region. The visitor can see the interior of the cellar with the tank where the bunches are fermented and the cask where the reds mature. And last but not least, the different mixtures are tasted on the vineyards with a view of the vines on wheels.

Pellegrini Vineyards has been a leader in the winemaking industry in the prestigious Long Island winegrowing area for over three years. It was designed by Bob and Joyce Pellegrini. They bought the vineyards in 1991 and then constructed a 14,000 sq. m. large building in which Bob, a graphic artist, plays an important part in the creation of a coveted room, which today is used both as a sampling room and also as a weddings location.

Most of the time however, folks come to Pellegrini to get the wines. This 35-hectare estate uses new technologies to make some of the best wines in the area. We are open for group sampling and personal gatherings. The Pindar Vineyards is the non-official flag ship of Long Island. Pindar is the biggest wineries on Long Island and the most famous of Long Island's 500 hectares in picturesque Peconic on Long Island's North Fork.

The winery cultivates 17 different grape types, which produce 23 grape types and their own mixtures, resulting in an astonishing 70,000 cases of a year. Your degustation room is a large open room made of blond timber where guests can buy tastings and canteens. The outside decks, the pavillon and the sunbathing area are the ideal place for those who love wines to admire the breathtaking outlooks.

We also offer guided walks behind the curtains through the barrels and tanks to show you every stage of winemaking. The city of Paderborn is home to some of the world's most prestigious venues. The city of Paderborn is home to some of the world's most prestigious venues, with a host of cultural sights. Well-known for its great diversity of earthen vines - Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Riesling and Merlot, to name but a few - is rooted in the North Fork area.

This three-year-old vine is the embodiment of the familiar charms that have earned the town a notoriety. Winelovers have the chance to sample the vintage range of premium red and white wines in its sampling room and, if they wish, go with a hamper to go with this auricular smile to the next stop on their winetour.

Approximately a dozen reds and whites, a handfull of desserts and four different spumante varieties are produced in the area. The estate, which has received a few honours over the years, welcomes pairs entranced by the notion of a picturesque vineyards marriage.

It was Raphael Wineyard who made great efforts to make the best wines, so much so that the company founders John Petrocelli decided to construct the plant 12Óft. As a result, the earth's gravitational force and subsoil temperatures - a steady 55°C - create a naturally occurring climate in which the vine can thrive. Most of the work that goes into the production of wines is done by hands, which, the vine says, makes it one of the few selected vines in the whole land that harvests its wines in this way.

Winemaking tours in the cellar or on the terrace. There is also ample opportunity for sampling fish in the local area. This is Roanoke Vineyards, who sums up the East End winery's possession. Roanoke was established in 2000 by Richie and Soraya Pisacano and is best known as the first vine growing area on Long Island.

The winery's winery is generally restricted to members of the Roanoke Winery Association. Mr. Roanoke has been praised by retailers such as The New York Times, Wines Spectator and The Wines Advocate. Are you interested in becoming a member of the Roanoke Wines Association? Roanoke was the first of its kind to make a name for itself among the many wineries of the North Fork.

Though they need an interview, new publications can be enjoyed by the outside world on Saturday and Sunday between 11:00 and 13:00 Anthony Sannino's passion for the world of wines began over 30 years ago with a journey to his mother's home in Italy. In 2006 he and his family bought a winery in Cutchogue.

Vineyards are such an important part of their lives that the married couples lived on the same property. The wine sampling room is open all year round, but only to a certain extent in winters and springs (Monday-Thursday), in contrast to the opening hours in summers and autumn from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm.

In addition to the degustation room, the vineyards also have a B&B with its own balconies. The Sherwood House Wineyard was built after Charles and Barbara Smithen bought a 146-year-old farm house in Jamesport in 1996. Then they turned the former cornfields and potatoes into a winegrowing town. The Smithens basically turned their home into a tourist resort where travelers from all over the island and elsewhere could slurp handmade wines and enjoy the tranquility that characterizes this scenic North Fork town.

There are at least 10 types of vines in the estate, many of which can be tasted in the area. As many other wineries, the estate is also played every Saturday with real life-Musik. It is a vine that only makes champagnes, and that is fine with its champagne-loving proprietors. After Cynthia and Tom Rosicki bought a plot of land that would finally become their vine, they met with a celebrity North Fork vine planter who asked what kind of vine they wanted to produce.

" This is how this pair made the only vineyards on the island to concentrate exclusively on champagne-making. According to the Wall Street Journal, the married couple began to sell their first champagne in 2008 with the help of Gilles Martin, a well-travelled winegrower from France.

His 2013 breed, decorated with fruit flavors, costs $29. A 2006 breed seduction costs you $72. Sparkling Pointe also provides another type of sampling space experiince. It not only provides the old-fashioned patio or grass tastings, but also a dining set for those who want a more stylish event.

Hearn, the winegrower, and his woman Susan, who is the proprietor, found it in various places in the world. He has been in the shop for years, while Susan, a physiotherapist, began to appreciate good wines after she and Russell got to know each other. Her devotion to her vineyards is so profound that the pair used a mixture of her first name as the name for the winery: Susan and Russell plus their last original gives you "Suhru.

" At present, the winery produces five different varieties of wines. In the Winemaker Studio in Peconic, lovers of wines can get an idea of their work. We are open every day in summers and from Monday to Friday from 12-19. However, the area is now the pride of a North Fork line that has devoted its life to making quality wines through sustainability.

It is proud of the "old" in its name, with a country-style sampling room that offers the ambience that many winelovers appreciate when they visit the North Fork. There are currently nine types of wines in Old Field, from roses and chardonnays to chardonnays, as well as francs and merlot. 3 different wines are available. The degustation barnyard is open in the summers from Thursday to Monday from 11.00 to 17.00 o'clock.

Christian Wolffer, a German-born risk capital investor, established the winery in his name almost three centuries ago. Though Wolffer has since died, Wolffer's wines remain intact thanks to the work of his kids and the winegrower Roman Roth. About 170 acre, of which 100 acre are reserved for stalls and 55 acre for the vineyards themselves.

It is remarkable that the sampling room is open all year round. In terms of vines, the vineyards mainly cultivate grapes such as Mélot, Hardonnay, Cape Verde and Cape Suvignon. There is also an open-air winery that is open from May to October and is a host to marriages and other festivities. For groups of 10 or more people, it is necessary to register to attend the sampling room.

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