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Her hometown is Colorado Bank with offices in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Canon City, Lamar, Wiley and Pueblo West. We have Legacy Mobile Banking! Rentrer à la Banque Nationale Legacy. They can bank locally and nationwide with any credit cooperative that is part of the CO-OP network.

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We' re the finance partner who are also your neighbours and your best friend, and we know what it all about. All of our employees have excellent bank skills and a positive attitude that encourages the bank's activities on a more individual basis. Regardless of whether you are looking for great retailer service to drive your businesses forward, or whether you need basic custom payment solutions, Legacy Bank has everything you need from beginning to end.

Our ethics are founded on the highest ethics that have made us one of the region's most powerful bankers. Our promises are an inviting setting, high-qualified specialists and a bank that still knows the value of a shake of the hand. Legal Bank Services:


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Every single person and every company is different, that's why our current and saving bank account offers you the necessary service to manage your company now and in the futurolog. Now if you own a small company, you can request an SBA mortgage from us. The SBA is a state-guaranteed lending that allows municipal communal institutions such as Legacy National Bank to provide longer-term lending and facilities (lower levels of payment per month) for less cash or security.

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