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Life is a beautifully illustrated quarterly of Christian biography and history.....

Anybody hear about this magazine: Life is "life" in German. Clear stage for modern life. The Little Campers play tents were introduced in the magazine Leichter Leben.

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FAQ about Life Magazine: Q. When does my first edition of Life begin? The magazine Leben is issued 4 issues a year, so your first edition will begin in about 10 to 16 wee. Because when we get your order, it will take about a whole weekend until your order arrives at the publishing house and is planned.

Q. Is it possible to extend my Leben Magazine membership? To extend your life membership on-line, select the number of years you wish to extend and the "Renew" button above. Type in the postal adress as it will appear in your latest edition of Leben magazine and your extension will be added to your regular subcription.

Awaiting the new expiry date on your latest magazine Life within 10 to 16 week after your order. Q. How can I edit my magazine life email adress? Then, go to'My active subscriptions', click on the relocation URL next to your magazine and type in your new email adress.

For orders not placed with us, please follow the Magazine Subscriber Services above for the 1-800 number or on-line adress. F: How do I notify a missing edition of Life? Please let us know if you have lost a copy of Life and we will add the number of editions that you have lost to your account and find out if Swiss Post is having trouble getting your delivery.

Please be aware that the magazine Leben is issued fourfold a year, i.e. every three months. Q. Where do I find my life expiry date? You will find the date and date (month/year e.g. Dez18) of your life membership on your magazine sticker above your name on the right side.

Q. Have you got vouchers for Leben Magazin? At present we are offering life magazine at a reduced price of $23.80 for an entire year pass. Use the voucher codes to get another 5% discount on your life order. If you would like to receive further life subscriptions and special offers, if available, please subscribe to our mailinglist below to be notifed.

Q. I' ve got an estimate by post at a lower cost than on your website. When you receive an estimate at a lower cost than on our website, just send us an electronic message with the detail. Our rates are all the lowes for the magazine Leben approved by the editor and we will verify the correctness of the information on our website.

Q. What is the standard size of Life digitally subscribed? The full control of the magazine Leben will be sent by e-mail within 4-6 week. Viewing your problem via iPad, your phone, your desk top, etc. just like on any other website. You can order a free electronic pass, if available, under'Options'.

Q. I' ve extended my life subscriptions but got an extension message by post. Prolongation notifications will be sent out by the publishing house 8 or even 16 week before expiry of your life membership. Q. I don't want to update my life magazine anymore. When you have ordered your life magazine from the publishing house with the options "Autoverlängerung" or "Bill me later", you may be obliged to settle the bill within the framework of your preferential permanent services, unless you terminate the contract.

If you want to call and terminate Life or ask them to stop mailing you an invoice, please go to Publishers CSR. When you have ordered from us, just disregard the reminder, as we do not automatically renew or send an invoice. Q. I want to give life.

To order a present subscrption, follow the "Give a present subscrption" button above to go directly to the Leben gifts page. In order to terminate your Life Magazine, just go to the Magazine Subscriber Services section above for the publisher's support services - both by telephone and inline. Publishers may have information about the origin of the subscriptions.

Q. I' ve got life magazine and I really don't like it. Is it possible to substitute it with another magazine about Christianity? We' d like your experiences with the journals ordered from us to be fun. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us for a new one. Q. I have just been reading Leben Magazine and would like to post a comment.

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