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New York City landscaping and gardening office that creates functional, sustainable landscapes for residential properties. Landscaping for gardens, terraces, courtyards and roofs in New York City. Sign up for FREE to read real reviews and see reviews for New York Landscaping Companies in your area to choose the right professional landscape designer. With its award-winning terraces, green roofs and city gardens, PFI designs and builds in New York City. The LDGN is a full-service landscape architecture firm dedicated to personal customer service.

Best 25 Landscapers - New York NY

Hi, my name is Matt, I just purchased a home here its a 3-bedroom in the city and I want you to install the scenery from focal point Please give me the overall costs for the scenery setup that I would like you to do is like Sprinklers, new plants and around the home.

The New York City Cultural Landscape Foundation

What's Out There Cultural Landscapes Guidelines are created as a twinning between the National Park Service and the Cultural Landscape Foundation to celebrate the centenary of the NPS in 1916. On the occasion of the centenary of the foundation of the National Park Service (NPS), the Stiftung Kulturlandschaft and NPS are working together to record areas of national importance in five citys.

Before the second of five full-featured on-line interactivity resources, the What's Out There Cultural Landscapes Guidebook to New York City, a Philadelphia Guidebook (March 2016) followed, followed by Boston, MA (Spring 2017), Richmond, VA (Fall 2017) and Baltimore, MD (Spring 2018).

Top 15 Landscape Architects and Designers in New York, NY

There is a nice haven in our town house gardens. We' ll have Amber back to do the roof next year! Your work is very much appreciated. Sasha is a real painter, what distinguishes him from other landscapers. Thinking in his designs about the arts, achitecture and aesthetics.

During our first counseling session with him, he not only had immediate suggestions on how we could make our room more comfortable, he also had a ton of translation for my garden. I' d had other landscapers come and they all just gave me a drawing that seemed like everyone else in my group.

The fencing in our courtyard was to be replaced, the floor covering replaced and an outside dining area with fitted wardrobes and seats added. We' ve chosen to move forward, and Sean has come up with a great look that' s inspired by our wishes. The New Eco was able to create an individual dining area to suit both, making cooking on the farm a real delicacy.

With New Eco we enjoy our first springs in our new farm. I' d strongly advise New Eco to everyone. "Iris Kaplow Landscapes, Inc. "More than 10 years of outstanding services - design and care of our patio gardens every year, from early summer to autumn. "We have a roof orchard in NYC with large planting.

She was able to react very quickly, removing corpse and developing a program to inhabit our gardens with various things to live through the different times of the year. She and her staff are also as friendly as possible and it is fun to work with her. "Outide Space NYC did a great work in our backyard.

You made great designs and did the work quickly. I' d suggest them to anyone. "Jacob Lange and Christian Duvernois form the Christian Duvernois Landscape/Gallery creativity group. "FireDean gave our backyard back on! We had to begin almost from the beginning after a whole restoration of the building with the building company that used the yard as a landfill.

Then he and his crew excavated everything, strengthened the ground and sent proposals for what was to be planted. A thing that particularly impressed me was his creations of small hills in my perfect shallow courtyard. An installation in the front garden doesn't seem to be going well and he said he would come and substitute it for us.

Nick and his staff at M&M" "Greencity Design were the embodiment of professionalism. In our back, side and front gardens, we have: cleared away fencing and planting two kinds of fencing on an irregular plot; planting a variety of pot plants and plants that match the area' s climatic and solar profiles; removing and replacing excess gras and debris with good ground and sown lawn; and installing synthetic lawn over an existent concreted terrace.

We were able to implement our changes promptly. This meant that the projekt went beyond the original date, but it was not Greencity's responsibility. All of the bills and designs were contemporary, easy to access and had a sense of professionalism and trust. For landscaping and installations we suggest the use of green city.

It'?s a very good recommendation."

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