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Pioneering credit cooperative

The Landmark Credit Union is a non-profit financial cooperative in southern Wisconsin owned by its customers/members. Credit Union Landmark Goes Green!! Newest tweets from Landmark CU (@LandmarkCU). The Landmark Credit Union is a non-profit financial cooperative owned by our clients/members.

Landmark Credit Union Home Banking welcomes you!

Credit Union Mobile landmark on the App Store

Landmark Credit Union's mobile banking software for use on the iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPod and iPad crash -proofed. The Mobile Banking app is comfortable, quick and free**. The Landmark Credit Union is for the benefit of all persons who live or work in southern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois and their immediate families.

The Landmark also operates in southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois. An up-to-date registration for online banking is necessary. Members who have registered for this online banking services can pay by invoice. Bank transfer can be made between your Landmark account. Landmark Credit Union does not levy any fees for the use of this software.

You may be charged for accessing your information, please check your policy. Until six members of the families can use this application with activated sharing.

The credit cooperative of your association

EFFEKTIVE FEBRUARY 1, 2017 New fee structure under Member Accounts Tab.INFORMATION UPDATE: Western Union From January 1, 2017 New fee $40.00NOTICE OF CHANGE TO ACH AULES Go to News & Information page for more details.WALMART & MEIJER SHOPPERS Please use your Walmart & Meijer purchase number outside the Danville Boutique.

That is due to a large number of scams at Walmart & Meijer. You can now use EZ Info via Home Banking. Just select the Credit Cards page to go directly to your credit cards in EZ Cards About. Because of the recent rise in deceptive debt issuance, the debt will be rejected and the credit will be suspended if you use your debt payment for hotel shopping up to $20.

Please inform us when travelling so that we can encode your credit cards accordingly and the cards will not be revoked. BECAUSE OF FRAUDULENT PHONE CONVERSATIONS WITH OUR MEMBERS, YOU WILL ONLY PROVIDE YOUR BANK DETAILS OR OTHER PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION TO VERIFY YOUR DEAL.

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