Land for Sale Dutchess County Ny

Country for sale Dutchess County Ny

Some of the data on the properties for sale or rent on this website originate from MHMLS. The valley with the highest volume of real estate sales in Dutchess County. Delicatessen County luxury real estate. Admission Service of Ulster County, Inc. This is Dutchess County Hunting Land, ideal for the shooters.

Germaness County NY land for sale

The Dutchess County land is wanted by those looking for construction land, would be peasants and hinterland investments who see the enormous value in comparison to the price in the hinterland. The most realtors like to show houses and hates showing Dutchess County land. Our agents are specialized in land. We' re familiar with the country, take you for a stroll and give you advice on how to reach the real value of the country including the cities of Rhinebeck, Washington, Red Hook, Pine Plains, Stanford, Northeast, Clinton and Amenia.

The Dutchess County Land is one of the most sought-after residences in the Hudson Valley. Dutchess County citizens work and reside in New York City, Westchester, Dutchess and Ulster Counties. The Poughkeepsie is the centre of the county's business and the location of Vasser and Marist Colleges. Whilst the general practice is that large areas are less costly than small areas, this practice must of course be applicable to certain sites.

Prices per hectare can differ greatly from place to place and also depend on the inclination and the number of open and forested areas. Wells and faeces can be costly and varied from site to site. However, asking the neighboring landowners can find fundamental information about the probability of sulphur or other harmful items in the waters or find that the build of a septic will be costing $30,000, instead of $10,000.

Our agent network is particularly well acquainted with the sale and purchase of freehold flats and terraced houses. First try the Columbia-Greene-Northern Dutchess MLS. South Columbia County, try the Mid-Hudson MLS. In North Columbia County, also try the capital region MLS. And for Eastern Columbia County, try Berkshire County MLS.

When you have already signed a contract with an exclusionary listings or buyers, they are in charge of providing advice and assistance in negotiating the sale. To find out more about Dutchess County Land call 800-398-8802. About Dutchess County NY Click Here! Germaness County NY Tourist Information Click Here!

This is Clinton NY Jameson Hill Land For Sale 12 acre. That 12-hectare piece of land is good for work. It would be a great place for the whole house near Millbrook, the Taconic Parkway and 90 min to Manhattan. hinebeck 50 acre. Incredible private sphere on nice forest property, 80% discount on NYS forest programme, long driveway with vacated construction site, and some wetland areas, directly on Route 199, easily accessible from Rhinebeck and Taconic State Parkway.

Pavling Holmes Land Route 292. The 1. 6 acres property borders on marshlands. Acres White Rock Road. The large 40 acres plot with possible subdivision is conveniently located but still in a peaceful area. 1 Acres Road Frontage. Situated on Bulls Head Road, this 7 hectare property has a long street front.

You must consult the site surveyor about the design of buildings. Milano plot 6 acres. You can see these 6 acres on a calm roads. It' s a great place near Red Hook and Hudson with simple Taconic State Parkway acces. Milano, Mailand 3 Acres Creating Lot Countryside Rd.

You can see these 3 aces on a calm avenue. It' s a great place near Red Hook and Hudson with simple Taconic State Parkway acces. Amendment Land 3 Lot Great View Great View Subdivision Approuvé. Large occasion for builders of familys marriage, single tickets also available, price ranged from $66,000 to $125,000.

Close to New York City and with easy Metro North connections, it is an explosive municipality, especially for second home buyers from New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Acres Mostly Open. A 25-acre package is ideal for the construction of a house or property.

Most of the time there are open spaces with entrance to routes 9 and 9G.

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