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And, yes, there were many advertisements from "massage therapists" who.....

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Themselves Village Voice And LA Weekly Training Ads From Sex Traffic Ads

Tobias says he can "focus on creating a vibrant digital entertainment industry that enables our marketers to reach multiplatform communities " while delivering "high quality and rich contents to our readers". Cristine Bennan, previously acting as CEO of Village Voice Technology Holdings, will act as CEO and Jeff Mars as CFO.

As well as Voice and LA Weekly are among the features of the deal: Westwood (Denver), New Times (Phoenix), Houston Press, Dallas Observer, Riverfront Times (St. Louis), New Times (Miami), City Pages (Minneapolis), New Times (Broward), SF Weekly (San Francisco), Seattle Weekly et OC Weekly (Orange County). Purchasers will also take over the Village Voice Media Holdings domestic publicity department, which will reach more 3M readership per wk on affiliate pages and in 56 stores.

News advertisements: The good, the bad and the funny

Chicago Reader, one of America's most prestigious and lucrative weekly newspapers for many years, is back for purchase and its problems are due to drastic falls in classified advertising revenue. "When the classified revenue was dry," said Charles Whitaker, lecturer at the Medill College of Journalism, there was no other place for them to turn to."

In the best case, the readers - like Village Voice, LA Weekly, where I was a publishing house for almost 20 years until 2002, and a dozen others in the weekly alternate alcove - provided a harsh criticism of magazineism abused by the majorstream media. Since income has collapsed throughout the entire state, the old weekly newspapers have cut back on editing and page numbers and cut wages and social security contributions.

I' m happy that I worked at LA Weekly in the early 80's when the classified ads were more than just a source of income: they said as much about the town' s cultural life as the frontispieces. This incredibly young, classified team was led by iconic collectors and amateurs Jim Kaplan, who mastered a constant flood of freaked-out customers with the manto "You got new work from your ad, so we must be doing something right".

Among his collaborators were an actress Stanislavski educated to channel the Hollywood B-list legend Lola Lane, a guitarist/vocalist for a beloved dead metaalband, a cartoon author with an anglophone so that fat customers could not comprehend him, a 21-year-old, already twice separated ad man and a proud pop musician with a black-nurse rat in his orbit.

Employees, especially the people in the manufacturing department, are clothed in one perspective. Laughing at the "power women" with real soccer shoulders over their ripped T-shirts, they certainly helped to bring about various turning points in the world of hippies, punks or metallic clothing. In order to lure the reader into the classified ads, we released the unconventional astrological columns "Rockie Horoscope" - in which the deceased, great Rockie Gardner 10 prophesied 10 of two quakes.

That classed mess at Weekly wasn't for the faint-hearted. At that time, phone conversations began from distributors who hate the adults area and from customers whose ads were maimed, miscategorized or simply omitted. Sometimes, however, the grief seemed to be just a tomcat from the previous day, when some of the astonishing artists who crowded the Weekly workers shoved pieces of music out of the way, put up their gear and stuck it well into the dark.

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