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Day trip to California Beach Cities: Huntington Beach, Venice Beach and Santa Monica from LA. Enjoy the relaxed beach lifestyle of Southern California and see various beaches on the Pacific coast on this day trip from Los Angeles! We were taken on some crazy trips to the Adirondacks and Montana by my father, and I loved it. I' m now marketing director and I sit all day in an office, far away from the sea.

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Discover sun-drenched San Diego and see some of Southern California's most beautiful attractions on this day tour from Los Angeles. Think of seeing all the top attractions of Los Angeles up close in just one day. Experience a fast and comfortable round voyage..... You live in Torrance, Hawthorn, El Segundo and want to see the best of Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Venice Beach on an unbelievable day?

Celebrate a day out of Los Angeles, or Long Beach, for up to 8h. You can take this privately up to ten (10)... This day excursion from Los Angeles to San Diego includes a full day train ride from LA to San Diego.

Have a day out to Catalina Island from Santa Monica, LA, Venice or Marina Del Rey!


I am a lone father who lives in Pasadena with my two children, a 5-year-old female and an 8-year-old male. We were taken on some crazy trips to the Adirondacks and Montana by my father, and I liked it. It was my task to go diving and exploring. I' m now head of sales and I sit all day in an agency far from the sea.

I' m a dreamer and I' m a dreamer. I am a researcher and discoverer in my mind, and as clich├ęd as it may sound, I like learning it. Since I prefer to put a spiky cane in my eyes rather than sitting through a small children's football match on a warm So-Cal day, I take my children on outings.

I' m not a urban child and I don't want my children to be urban children. I' m a lousy author, not a flawless father. I do not allow my children to enjoy every dish with bio foods or playing with hand-made games. They have too much Target plastics muck.

They' ve got iPods I make them look at on long journeys. I' m not here to teach you how to bring up your children or how to deal with the world. One has to try to keep oneself and one's children in touch with Mother Earth. I' m launching this diary to record the day trips and street trips I take my children and everything that goes with them.

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