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Atractions for children

Are you planning on visiting Los Angeles with children? Who' better than a mother from FIVE raising her kids in Los Angeles? Attractions for kids in Los Angeles: to see holiday attractions in Los Angeles with the kids. Here you will find our guide to Malibu attractions for children.

Activities in Los Angeles with children

Do you plan a holiday in Los Angeles? Whilst the "City of Angels" is best known for Hollywood's splendour and glamor, there are also many child-friendly attractions that you and your families will be enjoying on holiday. Most of these great child-friendly attractions are available on the Go Los Angeles® Card.

Select from a dozen of top attractions in Los Angeles and get up to 55% off the entrance fee compared to payment at the gates. View all available passports, attractions and rates - Find out more. It is the perfect Hollywood cinema adventure for your and your loved ones in this amusement park/studio in the centre of Hollywood.

Featuring all the amusement parks and magical movies, it's one of the most thrilling things you can do with kids in Los Angeles. Young children will enjoy discovering "Super Silly Fun Land" and the "Despicable Me Minion Mayhem" and meeting and welcoming some of their favourite personalities to the game.

You may want to rent a safe deposit box for the whole afternoon to prevent passing lock box collections at favorite attractions. All-Ulll Studios Hollywood concert passes are available on the 3, 5 and 7 days Go Los Angeles Pass. LEGOLAND® California, one of the best activities in L.A. with children, is to see one of California's most loved attractions.

Discover your kids' favourite children's favourite and more than 50 theme trips and attractions. Enthusiasts of the film will especially enjoy seeing "The 4D A New Adventure" at LEGOLAND and continue the adventure of Emmet, Wyldstyle, Unikitty, Benny and MetalBeard.

Watch this movie and many more attractions and contents at NINJAGO NEGOorld! The LEGOLAND California ticket is part of the Go Los Angeles Card. If you want to experience the excitement of ride riding on some of America's first amusement parks, visit Knott's Berry Farm. Children will like the lower speeds like the Balloon Race, the Camp Bus and the Grand Sierra Railroad, while the adventurous can continue the exciting journeys like La Revolucion, Supreme Scream and Wipeout.

Knott and Berry Farm ticket are on the Go Los Angeles Card. Older children can visit Banzai Falls or the high Octan Laguna Stream Tower. Knott and Soak City ticket are on the Go Los Angeles Card. This 260 hectare amusement arcade is packed with amusement parks, chutes, coasters and more.

There' also a number of exciting toys and other funny attractions, as well as a powerful show of all your favourite Looney Tunes charac-ter. Mats X2, Tatsu and Full Throttle are among the most exciting trips in any Themepark! The Six Flags Magic Mountain ticket is part of the Go Los Angeles Card.

Children who are a fan of puppets and comics will especially like their Marvel superhero characters! Hollywood Tussauds Hollywood ticket is on the Go Los Angeles Card. It is one of the most beloved museums in California, and your kids won't want to miss out on 400,000 sq. meters of science exploring thrills.

It entertains the little ones by presenting the sciences with pop cultural artefacts or blockbusters. IMAX California Sciences Center ticket is on the Go Los Angeles Card. If you are looking for great entertainment and child-friendly activities in the Los Angeles area, Pacific Park is your target.

Situated on the historical Santa Monica Jetty, it is the only theme area on the west coast. Young travellers enjoy cruising up and down the Crazy Submarine for children only. The Go Los Angeles Card includes Pacific Peninsula Pacific Peninsula-Paint. Drive to Santa Monica and discover the promenade on two bikes with a 3-hour bicycle or skates hire from Perry's Beach Café and Rental.

Surprisingly, the wheather is likely to be reasonably kind most of the time of the year, and you and your children will all be enjoying the pleasure and practice that comes from these tenancy choices. Schedule your biking activities for the mornings, have your lunches at Perry's, when returning your equipment, visit the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium and end your days with boundless cruises in Pacific Park for classical amusement parcas.

Bicycle or skates rental in Santa Monica is on the Go Los Angeles Card. When your kids are intrigued by the marine life, a trip to this tank (one of many in the Los Angeles area) is a good one. The Santa Monica Pier is a practical and highly attractive fish tank where you can see urchin, starfish, anemones and more.

You will see many amazing marine creatures, among them eel, octopus, shark, ray and a multitude of marine and invertebrate species - all specimens of wildlife you can find just off the Santa Monica coastline. The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium ticket is part of the Go Los Angeles Card. This is another possibility for the animal-loving children in your group.

Over 11,000 marine life in this all-inclusive Long Beach tank. Children get nearer to some of the Pacific's most exciting characters through several amazing displays than ever before. The Go Los Angeles Card de l'Aquarium of the Pacifica includes. Situated in the north of Griffith Park, this family-friendly destination is home to more than 1,100 wildlife from around the world.

One attraction for the one! The Los Angeles Zoo Ticket is part of the Go Los Angeles Card. The Cabrillo Marine Fish Tank is the perfect place to enjoy an evening of water fun in this state-of-the-art facility. Situated next to the Cabrillo Beach Coastal Park, this tank also has an incomparable look!

Children enjoy a research institute devoted to the study and conservation of Southern California's indigenous aquatic species. Many of the animals you will see directly on the shore, from the pelican and lion to the shark and whale, populate the ocean. The Cabrillo Naval Tank ticket is part of the Go Los Angeles Card.

K1 is the right thing for you if your children like go-carts. The K1 Indoor Karting Ticket is part of the Go Los Angeles Card. When your kids enjoy listening to MTV Kid's Choice Awards, this is an occasion to educate them about a larger world.

Explore the strength of history and history in the GRAMMY Museum. The GRAMMY Museum uses state-of-the-art, groundbreaking, interactive material to explore the historical and multicultural importance of US folk art. The Go Los Angeles Card includes Grammy Museum ticket. The best of several different realms is combined in this intriguing show.

You' ll find that older kids get the most out of the libraries and fine arts centers, but younger kids will especially enjoy discovering the lovely complex and parks. The Huntington Collection & Garden's ticket is available on the Go Los Angeles Cards. One of the world's largest collection of nature and culture is housed in this beloved heritage centre.

Maybe it will awaken a new passion for the sciences in your little ones! The Go Los Angeles Card includes admission to the Museum of Fine Arts. Featuring moving exhibitions of mementoes and Hollywood mementos, the Hollywood Museum will strengthen your passion for the classical US cinema and entertaining institutions.

Don't be worried if your kids haven't seen too many of the classic movies - they'll also be able to see requisites and movie kits they know! The Go Los Angeles Card includes admission to the Hollywood Museum. You can see everything in between from the San Gabriel Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, from the legendary Dodgers Stadium to Catalina Island.

Their children will enjoy the panorama view and have a lot of fun being so high up. It' an exciting but somewhat frightening one, so it's probably best for older children. The OUE Skyspace LA ticket is on the Go Los Angeles Card. Here you have it - some of our favourite activities in Los Angeles with children.

Are you planning to include some of these attractions in your holiday schedule and we are sure you will have a lot of enjoyment during your SoCal-journey? Keep in mind that you can cut costs on many of these beloved family-friendly attractions and much more.

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