Kykuit Manor

Mansion Kykuit

During the tour you will learn more about the families and history of Kykuit. Originally designed by architects Chester Holmes Aldrich and William Adams Delano as a three-storey stone house with a pitched roof. The Rockefeller Estate is a place of incredible power and beauty. You can park your car at the Philispburg Manor Visitor Center in Sleepy Hollow. From May to October, guided tours from Philipsburg Manor.

Kykuit, the Rockefeller Estate - Tarrytown, New York

Built to be the home of one of the richest men in American history, Kykuit is now open to the median center-range ( "and otherwise") visitors who can even intercept a look from one of the relative of the original occupant. In 1913 John D. Rockefeller had this exceptional manor house erected in Spanish royal rule on the Tarrytown hill, New York, and it was to be the home of his dynasty for four generation.

It was Rockefeller who was importing full-grown Italian tree species and surrounding the property with them, so the ordinary folk of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow would not be able to look at the property. Equipped with breathtaking vistas of the Hudson Valley, Rockefeller also purchased all the lands on the opposite side of the Hudson River so that no one could afford to construct homes on them and ruin their vistas, and gave lands to create Palisades Interstate Park in New Jersey.

Following Rockefeller's deaths, the grandchild of the rich New York businessman and former New York gubernator, Nelson Rockefeller collected one of the largest privately held contemporary artworks in America, which he kept in the cellar. Whilst a large part of the historical building is now open to the public, the Tudor-style Tudor theatre is still in the ownership of the Rockefellers.

Nelson's bride Happy Rockefeller stayed on the property until her deaths in 2015.

Journey to Kykuit

A particularly deserving target is the Rockefeller property in Kykuit, less than an hours drive from Manhattan near Tarrytown. Kykuit is Dutch for "lookout", and the rock villa that John D. Rockefeller Sr. erected on the site 500 ft above the Sleepy Hollow town in the early 1900s is more notable for its exquisite position and the equilibrium of its designs than for its sizing.

With its creative lawn and garden facing the Hudson River, the manor house was home to four generations of Rockefellers who culminated with Nelson, the New York city' s New York city' s governing and deputy chairman, and his family. Besides visiting the Rockefeller office and residential areas and communicating everyday on the property, some of the guided visits offered show the selection, location and importance of the arts inside and outside the house, including sculpture by Constantin Brancusi, Isamu Noguchi and Aristede Maillol.

Nelson Rockefeller's own creation: the Cellargalerie. Today the facility hosts meetings of political decision-makers and conference topics from around the world and still provides room to present some of the transportation used by the Rockefeller range in Kykuit for more than sixty years. It is a moving vehicle story of a whole host of horse-drawn coaches ( "Rockefeller Sr. loved") to Model T's, a fishtail Cadillac and a sedan that Nelson Rockefeller used as gubernator.

The Kykuit trips last from one and a half to three hour and last until 8 November before they are resumed next year. You can also take your car from the Metro North Railway in Tarrytown to the Visitor Center in Philipsburg Mansion, where the tour starts.

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