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Most trustworthy weather team in Minnesota. Weather forecast per hour for KSTP, the nearest official weather station to Saint Paul, MN. Do you get breaking news, weather, sports and more for Minneapolis, St. Paul and across Minnesota.

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Spread shivers and lightning hit the eastern part of the island late at night. What do you think? The windstorms are most severe in the western and north-western regions tonight, but are likely to ease off tonight. Then, we will see widespread lightning spread throughout the afternoon, with the sky overcast and colder weather only affecting the middle to high 70'. Air moisture will remain high, but then quickly fall off in the early hours of Tuesday mornings, when a colder front travels southwards through the state.

Tuesdays are the best days of the weeks with airy wind from the north west and heights in the middle of the 1970s. The next best opportunity after morning for rain and thunderstorm comes on Friday.

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Do you get breakin' news, weather, sport and more for Minneapolis, St. Paul and across Minnesota. Keep up to date with the latest KSTP and 5 Eyewitness Latest Stories, weather reports, and more. Besides the latest press releases you will also get..... Get the KSTP Newsletter App and keep in touch!

I' m watching the 11AM objects on this application because my residence government is Minnesota (Twin Cities Area) and I am out of government often. It' the best Twin City bulletin board I' ve tried, but I've only got a few issues with it. But the other problem is that sometimes it ends during the message occupation and you have to go through the startup procedure again.

A 30 -second message cannot even be played back for five seconds without caching after a 15 - 30 second long display has played correctly. It is astonishing to me that all her ad way flawless, but all her new tales buffers within 5 seconds of the game. More from KSTP!

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