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George Kovacs has been synonymous with contemporary lighting design for over four decades. Store authentic George Kovacs lighting, tables and other George Kovacs furniture from the best dealers in the world. Modern world lighting. Distributor for the best lighting products and ceiling fans in New York City. Buy the lighting collection of George Kovacs.

Georges Kovacs.

For sixty years, George Kovacs and his colleagues have been influencing modern light-engineering. The next sixty will be affected by this, paired with a Minka® `Mystique`. Minka Group has developed into a market leadership in the field of ornamental illumination. The Minka Group® business unit is a market leaders in the field of industrial and commercial products, bringing together a wide segment with a unique standard of excellence.

Minka-Lavery®, Metropolitan®, Amience® by Minka-Lavery®, Minka-Aire®, The Great Outdoors by Minka-Lavery and George Kovacs and several nationwide recognised own labels. George Kovacs shipping (including freight) is FREE for orders over $50 within the United States.

Any George Kovacs product sent via UPS or FedEx Ground within the United States is FREE to be returned. There is no re-storage fees for George Kovacs reusable goods. There is no VAT on George Kovac's product except those delivered to NC, NJ, NY and PA.

orge Kovacs Lighting: Lamps, Pendants & more

Kovacs has been in the business for over 50 years and has stood for modern illumination ever since. High-value and well-liked items can be found in the brand's broad palette of luminaires. It has the very beloved and characteristic George Kovacs lamps, which are difficult to disregard and easily inferred.

Enhance your home with Kovacs design. The Kovacs range is slim and modern with breathtaking highlights and styles that will delight you next year. You can narrow down your selection of the right lamp by room, type or design.

It has a wonderful line of ceilings, including candelabras, tripods and flush-mounted fixtures to accent your home. You can also choose between different types of backlight. It also has a breathtaking selection of lights that you can do just the right thing to bring up to date at home.

orge Kovacs has a striking selection of lights, candelabras, lights and trailers that only exit your home with moon-addicted customers who are all in lover of your new light co-ordination. The Kovacs P8024-1 Counter Weights 24 inches two animal chrome plated in polished chrome for an avant-garde touch, a stylish and modern-looking candlestick for your living room.

This contemporary candelabra uses nine 20 watt fluorescent lamps.

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