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Shopping in Kingston Upon Thames, Kingston Upon Thames Shops

Kingston is the third largest shopping city in London with over 500 shops, 2 shopping centres, a lively marketplace and a thriving and lively independents' world. Across the city's renowned staggering payphones, Old London Road is a quaint mixture of independents, not to be missed, among them antique, antiquities, vintage as well as antique items.

The Eden Walk, an open-air shopping centre, is home to a mixture of independents and big-name stores, while the adjoining Crown Arcade is home to even more independents and specialised stores.

Milton Keynes stores | Kingston Centre shopping destination

The Kingston Centre provides outstanding shopping facilities with outstanding traffic connections. The Kingston Centre is located just northeast of the traffic circle, where Tongwell Street joins the Booth Way via the Winchester Circle drive. Milton Keynes Central Station is the nearest railway stop. In front of the Central Railway Terminal, drive to the last parking lot on the right (Y4).

Get off at Kingston Centre. Kingston Centre is served by many busses from Monday to Saturday, among them 8, 9, 17, 24, 25, 62,138,148 and 300 courier services. Sunday worship services are held regularly to ensure a stress-free arrival.

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