Kingston Ny Map

Kongston Ny Map

Map of Kingston, New York, USA. Receive directions, maps and traffic for Kingston, NY. Road and satellite map of Kingston, NY by Google Maps. Kingston City, N.Y.

Aerial view of the western horizon. Maps and descriptions of the historic district of Stockade.

Kingston, NY - Kingston, New York Map & How to find us

The Kingston is a town in and around Ulster District, New York, USA. It' 91 nautical mile ('146 km) just off New York and 59 nautical mile ('90 km) just off Albany. In 1777 it became the first capitol of New York and was burnt by the British after the battles of Saratoga on 16 October 1777.

During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, after the discoveries of nature's cements, the town became an important traffic junction in the area, with railway and inland canals. Since then, public transportation has been discontinued, and many of the older properties belong to the historical neighborhoods, such as the Stockade Quarter and the Rondout-West Strand historic district Downtown.

Map, Kingston, Kingston (N.Y.) | Library of Congress

Cards of Kingston, Ellenville and Saugerties show building (mostly unidentified) and property line. The hand is coloured amber to emphasise the city' s borders (township).

French, J. H. (John Homer) - Dawson, L. G. - Smith, Robert Pearsall - Taintor, Dawson & Co - French, J. H. Map of Ulster Country, New York: from initial survey - General-Content map with cities (townships), country houses and household name. Handpainted to emphasise city borders and territory.

569 LC landed property cards including use of Kingston/Roundout, use of suckers, illustration of striking edifices and decorated edges (hand-coloured corn stalk leaf and ears). Country-to-land map LC, 570 also shows building and name of house owners. of the Southern District of New York."

Card of Kingston, Rondout.....

So how do you get the Kingston, NY co-ordinates on a map?

When you' re speaking of a map, you could just use Google Map, type the name in the query, click Kingston, NY in the query results and see the pop-up screen with Latin and Long point. If you click on the Latin and Long displays, you will also see minute and seconds in the detail area.

When using the phone, long push on the position, you will see the coordinates.

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