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University of Kilgore

The Kilgore College is a first class school. The Kilgore College Bookstore online is your place for Kilgore College textbooks, equipment and accessories. All programs, degrees and certificates offered at Kilgore College. Discover Kilgore College's ratings, rankings and statistics. Kilgorecollege (@kilgorecollege).

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The Kilgore College (KC) is a two-year college in Kilgore, Texas, about 120 nautical leagues eastward of Dallas, Texas, and 70 leagues westward of Shreveport, Louisiana. Founded in 1935 at the peak of the boom in Eastern Texas's petroleum industry[1][2], the college is home to the east Texas Museum of Petroleum, which documents this era of Texas civilization, and has an accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to grant Associate's Degree[3].

The Kilgore College program has one of the lower cost per college or college in Texas loan hour[4][5]. In as well as helping prepare college and college graduates for a bachelor's degree, KC's programmes also offer further and staff development. It provides Associate in Arts and Associate in Applied Science as well as technical preparation and certification programmes that includes weld engineering, corrosive technologies and processing operation.

As well as the academic staff, the college has programmes that cover various music groups, the Flare paper and track and field for men and girls. The KC is also known for their competitive programmes, as well as a soccer club that has more victories than any other NJCAA club in Texas, which includes a complete NJCAA Championships in 1966 and a 1978 Nationals Election Series.

Most of the college members are the Kilgore College Rangerettes, the world's first precise dancing ensemble founded by Gussie Nell Davis in 1940. Rangerettes have appeared on an international scale, among others at the pre and half times of the Cotton Bowl Classic, several Dallas Cowboys matches, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and more than a few U.S. presidency introductions each year.

It has an extraordinary line-up of between 100 and 125 members each year. Soccer pro Jorge Diaz. And LeJuandro'Kai' Zeiglar, an US soccerer in the now non-existent Arena Soccertoday. The East Texas Oil Museum (founded in 1979) is on Kilgore College.

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