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BekhneBec savings bank customers, register online now. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, view screenshots and learn more about Kennebec Savings Bank Mobile. Bekhnebec Savings Bank Reviews and Prices The Kennebec Savings Bank is based in Augusta and is the tenth-biggest bank in the state of Maine. It' also the country's sevinety-seventh biggest bank. The savings rate of Kennebec Savings Bank is twice the domestic mean and it has a credit of A.

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KiNENEBEC Savings Bank opens Freeport office

The Kennebec Savings Bank opened its new Freeport bank and credit centre on Thursday with a ceremonial event featuring the participation of community officers and contributions to Wolfe's Neck Farm and Freeport Community Services. On site, bank clients can store cheques and bank statements online, as well as make transfers and payments, which can also serve as a credit bureau for housing and business property in Freeport and the area.

This is the first extension for the 147-year-old bank outside Kennebec County. "We' re very pleased to open our new office and become part of this lively Greater Freeport community," said Bill Hill, Kennebec Savings Bank VP and Credit Clerks.

"We' re looking forward to strengthening our fellowship reputations through the two things we do best, providing excellent client services and giving something back to the fellowship. Part of the celebration, Hill presented $2,500 cheques to Freeport Communities Services and Wolfe's Neck Farm. The Bank has contributed more than $20,000 to charitable and nonprofit organisations since the announcement of the new site in Freeport.

"Kennebec Savings Bank is delighted to welcome Freeport to the city because it is a powerful bank headquartered in Mainz with a solid history of being a great member of the community," said Keith McBride, Executive Directors of Freeport Economic Development Corp. in a statement. They have already made the small Lower Main Street facility their own, and we look forward to them providing Freeport companies and home owners with outstanding services for years to come.

The Kennebec Savings Bank is a state-chartered joint bank with 121 staff and branches in Augusta, Waterville, Winthrop and Farmingdale and 24-hour electronics dispensing centres in Manchester, Augusta, Farmingdale and now Freeport.

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