Kalamazoo Attractions

The Kalamazoo Attractions

Restrict your search to Kalamazoo County. The Kalamazoo Institute of the Arts, photo: The Kalamazoo Farmer's Market, Kalamazoo, Michigan, photo: Current exhibitions, attractions and theatres. The Fun Center is packed with games, activities and attractions.

Kalamazoo Entertainment Program in Kalamazoo

Air Zoo has something for all age groups and interests...... The Fort Custer was christened after General George Armstrong Custer of Michigan origin. Kalamazoo Natural Centre has been chosen by other natural centres as the nation's number one natural centre - with in- and outside activity for all age groups.

Kalamazoo Public Gallery is a fine work of art with a rainbow that floods the building on bright summer day, broken by a hologram fanlight to crown the 80-foot turret. Kalamazoo Valley has been named Michigan's best small Michigan museums by Michigan Living Magazine reader. Adventure You Can Touching, which celebrates the past, the sciences and the technologies.....

Kellogg Bird Sanctuary provides sheltered waterbird and bird of prey sanctuary along Wintergreen Lake with self-managed 365 day a year-tour. W.K. Kellogg Dairy Center is a state-of-the-art research, education and training center for Michigan State University undergraduates, where productive farming is in tune with a superior world.

Situated within easy walk of Portage Community Bandshell, Celery Flats and the Bicentennial Park Trail, walkers can explore a variety of textbooks and fun for the whole group. Find out more about the lifecycles and habitat of these fishes as well as the story of the Great Lakes hatchery with led trips, hiking paths and a viewing lake filled with michiganese people.

The foundation, established in 1966, has the task of supporting, promoting and financing art in the Kalamazoo area. It administers exhibitions at eight sites, .... Kalamazoo Ballet was established in 1969 by Therese Bullard and is an honorary and founding member of the Mid-States Regional Dance America Association, although currently on a Sabbath.

Kalamazoo Civic Theatre has been providing top class theatre for over 80 years and is one of the most prestigious municipal theaters in the state. About the Kalamazoo Civic.... Famous for its excellent acoustic, Chenery is engaged 200 nights a year in providing the best in Kalamazoo fellowship with the best in the world.

Formerly Comstock Communal Theater, Center Stage Theater is a self-supporting, non-profit communal theater organisation whose task it is to promote the life of the parishioners in the region by participating in.... Epic Center is the home of the Kalamazoo art world. Gilmore International Keyboard Festival, Black Art Center, Crescendo Academy of Music, Fontana Chamber Art, Gilmore International Keyboard Festival, Kalamazoo Symphony.......

Farmers Alley Theatre is a proffesional, ensemble-based, non-profit performing arts organization devoted to the production of pop and new works in downtown Kalamazoo in a singular and private environment. The Nelda K. Balch Playhouse 1200 Academy St. The Nelda, which opened in 1977, is the state's first push-stage, modelled on the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis and the Festival Theatre in Stratford,....

The Fontana is a Kalamazoo-based non-profit art organisation devoted to presenting high calibre classical and non-traditional concertos, public relations, commissions for new works for small groups,..... Hayloft Theatre is a singular and private venue with an equally singular story. Gilmore Theatre Complex is situated on the WMU campsite next to the Miller Auditorium.

Kalamazoo Concert is one of Michigan's oldest mature urban metal acts, born out of the need to continue their symphony lineup beyond that of high schools and collegiate instrumentals.... Kalamazoo Symphony presents a range of professionally performed orchestral and educational programmes for the South West Michigan audience, promoting life-long esteem and encouragement of the symphony world.

The Miller Auditorium with the best comedies, dances, concerts and theaters is a 3,500-seat location on the Western Michigan University academic area. Kalamazoo's New Vic Theater was established in 1966 and still entertains the public in southwestern Michigan and North Indiana today. Situated near the centre of Kalamazoo, the theaters offer comfortably furnished cabaret-style seats.....

Since 1927, the State Theater has been an integral part of Kalamazoo's city centre. Following the theatres' convention at that time, the aim was to achieve a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Suzanne D. Parish Theater is an intimate, modern night boxing theater, with shows from the Kalamazoo Civic theater.

The Vicksburg Performance ArtsCenter supports a wide range of creative and pedagogical activity in the field of the visual Arts for schools and society. Coryspring/Cori Terry Dancers is the only proffesional contemporary dancing firm in southwestern Michigan. KBAC was established in 2005 by authors and performers with a penchant for the art of books. Black ArtCentre is developing a range of programs for the fellowship.

Multi-cinematheatre provides comfortable stadion seats for newbies. The AGoodrich Quality Theatre. Kalamazoo Farmers Market is open on Saturdays from 7:00 to 14:00, from May to.... Crossroads Mall has over 100 shops, among them Macys and a large grocery store with a merry-go-round. Go to Mott Farms to select and fell down Christmas tree, Michigan Holly and more.

Three-five five E. Kalamazoo Ave. Michigan's oldest brewer and one of the oldest artisan breweries in eastern Colorado, Bells brewery, Inc. has unmistakable beer offerings, among them Two Hartted and Oberon, which have a ritualist following and.... Genes the Pumpkin Man serves gourds and winters in a very colourful environment.

The Husted Farm sells fruit and vegetable in a seasonal range - with U-Pick Apple and Cherry. Situated in the lovely Vicksburg, Michigan, Angels Crossing Golf Club is just a few miles South from Kalamazoo. East Hills Golf Club is a well preserved, 27-hole plot to the north-east of Kalamazoo, on a 194-acre package at G Avenue and on the 27th Street.

Isle Hill Golf Club was created by Ray Hearn, coupled with the adjoining 1,000-acre all of sports lakes, will create a holidayers' dream come true. Come. Enjoy the scenic Lake Doster Golf Club, home of Little Monsters, an extraordinarily challenging par-3. The course is situated in Plainwell, just to the north of Kalamazoo and covers an area of over 180 hectares.....

Kalamazoo River, 135 miles long, has 27 promenades, gardens and entrances for canoing, boat trips and other water sports. Just a few mins from downtown Kalamazoo, the Hickory Ridge course has 27 lochs between gentle slopes, meandering dales and stunning views. The LYNX GC is a paid course open seven times a day, seven times a year.

The Milham Park course is a demanding 18-hole 18-hole 72 course situated on an area of 130 acre next to the magnificent Milham Park on the southern side of Kalamazoo. The Olde Mill Club, founded in 1958 and created by Gil Stiver, has a long golfing tradition. Your 6,195-yard long, par 72 golf course proves to be.....

Kalamazoo's 18-hole course offers all the characteristics of Michigan golfer. The Red Arrow Course is a nine holes course for beginners. Ridgeview Course's large, gentle hill pattern is illustrated by large, open-fairyways and generous rows of trees. Vicksburg's 18-hole State Course is a closed course opened in 1925.

Thimber Ridge offers fifteen slopes, of course forested, a 250 feet steep slope, four chairlifts, four drag lines, a Snowboardpark and 100% snow. The Swiss Valley attracts skiers from all over South Michigan, Indiana and Illinois - with 11 slopes, a 225 meter high summit and seven elevators, among them 2 quad bikes and a.....

Millenium Park's icerink is the first and only chilled outside icerink in southwest Michigan. The Portage South Central Greenway has 5 leagues of signposted, unpaved tracks. Between Galesburg and Climax, Cold Brook Parc provides a favourite campsite and bath. It has 276 hectares, mainly composed of waters in the shape of three.....

Markin Glen County Parc, in northern Kalamazoo County, was once owned by Morris Markin, creator of Checker Motors Corporation of Kalamazoo. It was created by the..... Situated on the banks of Gourdneck and Hogsett Lakes, the resort boasts a first-class bathing area and unspoilt nature.

The Prairie View County Parc has five pick nick areas, which..... Situated between Comstock and Galesburg, the reserve is called after the over 100-year-old oaks that extend along the shores of Morrow Lake. County Oaks Parks functions on.... Scott's Mill County Reserve was purchased by the county in 1973 and opened to the general population in 1976 as an officially two-hundred-year project by Kalamazoo Countys.

You have the possibility to visit the garden..... Back Alley has a DJ and karate every Wednesday to Sunday. XTreme provides XTreme Kataoke every Friday at 10pm. Kalamazoo College members are working together to develop a social education scheme that brings together scholarships, citizenship and life experience.....

The Harveys on the Mall has a large choice of beer, both locally and nationally. The Harveys has a full service of bars and serving US meals with hamburgers, pizzas and chilli and live musicals..... Home Barbara provides weeklyized Karaoke and DJing. Situated in the centre of Galesburg, Koffee Klutch provides a cosy, family-friendly ambience with great conversation, cappuccino and coffee - not to speak of living room dancing every Friday and Saturday evening (and a few Thursdays).....

Nighborhood America Ristorante provides a wide range of draught martini beer for you to enjoy on-stage. The barbeque is a real barbeque with real life entertainment, offering lunches, dinners, take-outs and open-air seats. Louie has an Open Micro night every Wednesday at 8am. The Full Blast Recreation Center provides indoor/outdoor aquatic farms, playground rental, batting/golf cage and many group activities.

Visiting Wild Africa at Binder Park Zoo - feeding the giraffes on Twiga Deck and meeting the Wild African Lions. Western Michigan Univeristy, established in 1903, is a vibrant, student-centered research college with nearly 25,000 students. From burgers, pastas, seafood or a great hot chocolate snack, Main St Pub serves an ample meal of starters, broths, sanwiches and tasty starters.

M-89 Sports has karaoke every Wednesday from 8pm to 12pm and from 8pm to 12pm on Thursdays. Dad Petes is offering Salsa Night every Thursday and Sunday evening and Open Mic Night every Monday. Much of Ruggers Up Under has great cash prizes, many Michigan draught beer and television to see the series.

Kalamazoo Gazette listed Shakespeare's St. Patrick's Day celebration as one of the things you need to do in Kalamazoo. The Wild Bull Saloon is an energy-packed nightlife and sound system right behind Monaco Bay Piano Bar and Grill in the Entertainment District of downtown Kalamazoo. Chances are good when you go to the Four WInds Casino in New Buffalo - just 1 1/2h from Kalamazoo.

The Ramona is the best place to chill out on a long sanded Long Lake shore on a warm saturday. It is also equipped: Augusta, Michigan, Sanctuary is a truly wilderness centre that offers both walks and educational programmes open to the general public year-round.

The Millennium is a one-hectare large parc in the centre of the mall. Situated in a beautiful, reflective three-season lake and well, with an amphitheater..... 139 S. Edwards St. County Square is a 13,000 sq. m. large public gardens and sound system right behind Wild Bull Saloon and Monaco Bay Piano Bar and Grill in downtown.....

Michigan Festival of Sacred Muzak ( "MFSM") presents high caliber performances that reflect different religions and cultures and promote reciprocal respectfulness and comprehension by shared musical experiences that are appreciated by these people. The city of Kalamazoo Incorporated is a privately owned, not-for-profit organisation that works with both the general government and the non-governmental sector to maintain and improve the financial well-being of the inner city of Kalamazoos and.....

Wellcome to the new Metro Night Club, Kalamazoos only OUT and the proud Gay Bars. Between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, at US 131 Junction 61, you will find Gun Lake Casino. Michigan's newest hotspot in southwestern Michigan is here! The Kalamazoo Valley Blues Association (KVBA) was established in 1994 with the single aim of organising the first Kalamazoo Blues Festival each year.

Kalamazoo State Theatre is one of the best historical centers for living and entertaining in West Michigan. Allegan Farmers Market is situated on the intersection of Cutler Street and Water Street in Allegan City. The Kalamazoo County Expo Center is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., October to April. Old Dog Tavern opened in January 2010 and is situated in the historical Star Building!

The Kalamazoo Beer Exchange offers 28 rotary draft beer from all over the globe and the price of these draft beer is based on real-time selling, such as the exchange, which results in a constantly developing..... In 1946 Henry Overley, professor of music at Kalamazoo College, established one of Kalamazoo's oldest music organisations, the Bach Festival Society, who wanted to take along the city and dress.....

Run Gold Club is a due and well-maintained 18-hole four-piece 18-hole champion course that ranges from 5,028 yards to 6,808 yards, and provides challenging and enjoyable golfing..... Kalamazoo County Fair is designed to be an entertaining event for your and your loved ones! There is a wide range of activities for families, 4-H exhibitions and agri-training.

Summer Concert Series is a varied programme of nine weekend performances of various types of musical works. Michigan's oldest skateboard park is K-zoo Skate Zoo. Wearing funny creations like Not Your Daughters Jeans, True Religion and Citizens of Humanity, allows you to find your brand in Kalamazoo.... Since 1947, The News has been taking the whole wide globe to Kalamazoo.

Join us for a tempting range of natural gift items from Michigan and the USA; there really is a Kalamazoo product included, which is a true Yes one! No need to go to Chicago to buy Michigan Avenue right here in the centre of Kalamazoo! VA now has four sites in West Michigan.

Born in 1835, the Dr. Nathan Thomas House was home to one of Michigan's most vibrant metro operators, a founder member of the Republican Party and Kalamazoo..... Galesburg's biggest of the three ancient malls in the city centre was only 10 minutes by car from the centre of Kalamazoo.

Sinclair petrol station, two buildings were erected in the middle to build this large ancient shopping centre directly opposite Grant's Old Town..... Lilac Lane Garden Centre Ancient Barn is situated directly opposite the car park of Grants and opposite the corner station of Galesburg's city centre.

Sky Deck provides a six-story view of the town, making it one of the most spectacular nightlife adventures in Kalamazoos.

There are plenty of restaurants and nightlife in the Entertainment District in the inner cities of Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan. Initially a production site, today the Park Trades Center is home to one of the biggest community of creatives of artists, craftsmen, craftspeople, designers, businessmen and..... The USATF-approved course offers a picturesque and varied Kalamazoo trip, which includes theme park, trail, downtown, neighbourhood and Western Michigan University.

The Face Off Theatre Company is the new face of BACC Theatre and was launched during the Black Arts Festival 2015. Crossroads Majorca is an inside kiosk with around 100 of the hippest shops, places to eat and places to have fun. The Celebration Cinema is also adjacent to the shopping centre. Situated in the centre of downtown Kalamazoo, Memories West is Michigans premier destination for bridal, celebrity and pageant, with dinner jackets for the boys!

Kalamazoo Ave. Visit us in the Kalamazoo Mall!

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