Jordan Hospital

The Jordan Hospital

Find other hospitals in Plymouth on When Plymouth's Jordan Hospital becomes part of Beth Israel Deaconess, the 112-year-old name will vanish.

The Jordan Hospital was renamed after Eben Jordan, a Plymouth camp, whose $20,000 was instrumental in establishing the coastal hospital in 1901. Over a century later, the 155-bed hospital will withdraw the name of its patron and Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth will become when Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center formal adopts Jordan on January 1 - Jordan's General Manager, Peter Holden, said he realises that a great accommodation for many will be in the vast city.

Definitive government approvals for the acquisition came on Wednesday from the State Health Council, which issued a new licence to Beth Israel Deaconess as the hospital's exclusive mother company in Plymouth, with unanimous agreement. In the past months, the State Commission on Health Policy did not decide to carry out a monitoring body to control the cost of illness.

Pursuant to a project drawn up between Beth Israel Deaconess and Jordanian leaders, the Boston-based hospital approved to spend $2 million a year - a combined $10 million - on improving Plymouth's financial situation over the next five years. Beth Israel Deaconess also intends to enroll 10 family doctors from the 12 cities of Plymouth and Jordanian County.

This new group of practitioners will become part of the Beth Israel Deaconess Health Organization, known as BIDCO, a health services organization founded early this year to better co-ordinate outcomes. Beth Israel Deaconess CEO, Kevin Tabb, said his system extended a scale of the system that was created when it took up joint clinics in Needham and Milton.

"He said, "The policy here at the centre is to become one big system to take charge of the patient wherever they are and wherever they need it. Mr. Holden said the Jordan Hospital chose the new name on the basis of the results of a brand company that interviewed about 450 local people to see what would appeal to them.

Said Jordan's management team, which is faced with falling state refunds and necessary investment, agreed 18 month ago to look for a strong ally. Operating with a consultancy company, he said, she voted Beth Israel Deaconess from half a dozen charitable and for-profiting applicants. Holden, who has been Jordan's Chairman and CEO for more than five years, said he had not yet spoken to Tabb about whether he would stay in this office.

He said that Plymouth Hospital is entering into an arrangement to become a privileged hospital for Atrius Health, a Newton-based coalition of seven medical teams in Eastern and Central Massachusetts. Atrius and Beth Israel Deaconess are also talking to Lahey Health, the mother company of Lahey Hospital & Medical Center in Burlington. available at

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