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Vacancies in Poughkeepsie Ny 12601

5,746 Vacancies in Poughkeepsie. An ideal candidate must be able to perform multiple tasks to manage competing priorities. Browse all jobs (576). One jobs in Poughkeepsie, NY. Here is a list of the positions we would like to fill with great people.


Purpose position: Cash tellers have an important part in the client services by offering clients a quick, pleasant, accurate and secure level of staff. You are proactive in your search for product/project know-how to supply clients with information and help in identifying sales prospects. One main cashier positions and supports checkout staff through accelerated pricing reviews, approval of POS deals and transcripts for master register, self-checkout, return, pro desk, special services and tool hire.

Providing first-level escalement to client problems and helping to monitor, coaches and train other front end associates by attending the new cashier trainings and using all available resources to train and evolve other cashiers. Favourite cashier status is 1+ years of cashier expertise.

Finding Poughkeepsie, NY Babysitting Jobs, free

We' re looking for a baby-sitter for our 2 young women aged 3 and 5 for the casual date, afternoons and/or evenings. In search of someone who cares about our youngsters, is willing and accountable and ready to meet them. For the baby-sitting on the weekends I need an incidental baby-sitter for 2 babysitters (11 and 8 years old).

Washing clothes, cooking, bathing and holding the lights, teaching and learning how to wash after the game.

Poughkeepsie, NY Customer Service Jobs - Apply Now

Offers "World Class" Member Services by astonishing and inspiring our members every single second. Ensure that fundamental and sequential supply and merchandizing and operating programmes are in place to increase revenue and return on investment in one or more.... Support in the schooling of the cash desk and..... Customer Selected Advisors take part in a very worthwhile programme that recognises excellence by remunerating our employees.....

Voiking Resource Group has over 100 IMMEDIATE outlets for seasoned account managers to work in a vibrant, world-class call centre in the Danbury region, CT....... Entry-level Custom Services & Sales Rep[NOT A CALL CENTER] Four bridges were recently extended to the poughkeepsie area.

Will you be willing to use your extraordinary client services capabilities to drive your careers and earnings opportunities? We recruit vibrant client service/sales pros to our Insurance Account Management teams to help us grow our business! Offers "World Class Cust. Service" by surprise and inspire our clients every single workday.

Monitors client activity and requests extra services when needed. By joining us as United Healthcare Client Services Advocates, you will have the chance to make a daily impact on the life of our healthcare plans because they see you as their counsel and lawyer.

Providing precise information and support to clients, including identifying collection and/or distribution needs, troubleshooting, upgrading the system to address specific client needs, reselling business value-added products and delivering prospective business opportunities..... We at XPO Logistics know that extraordinary client care is at the centre of our business. You as a Client Relationship Manager offer your clients the best possible support, both internally and externally.

They work together with the client..... You as a CSA welcome your clients when they come back to us and ensure a trouble-free and secure transport process. In addition, as a Certified Account Executive, you are in charge of improving your clients'..... You will answer about 100-150 phone enquiries in a technician's support center and support engineers on site by offering excellent after sales support........

The Kforce team is looking for IT field technicians for its customer's Poughkeepsie, NY computer delivery projects. Bilingual Spanish Belimo is a worldwide leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of drive control products for HVAC applications. Customer Service Representative 1 is the main point of communication between Belimo Customer Service and our outside clients.

It provides prompt answers to client communications and helps to close points of campaign from client communication..... At the Apple Retail Store, you' ll earn your customers' confidence in Apple as experts in product support, trouble-shooting and repair. Field representatives talk to your shopkeepers about their needs and objectives and communicate how FlashBanc can help your company in these areas.

After-sales/sales staff offer quick and helpful services by proactively looking for clients who understand their needs and offer help. They use our software to get to know the product and pass on information to the customer in order to..... Receive notifications for customer care jobs in Poughkeepsie, NY.

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