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A new Honda car dealer in and around Middletown NY. We' re pleased to announce that H&M's is now hiring sales consultants. Submit your application to Foot Locker in Middletown, New York, USA | Retail Sales Jobs at Foot Locker, DSW is looking for various candidates for a Sales Associate Part Time Job in Middletown, NY. Take a look at the offer and apply now. If you are looking for a job, One Source is the right place for you.

IMPORTANT: Your resume will be taken into account for all items in this shop.

IMPORTANT: Your resume will be taken into account for all items in this shop. Assistent Storemanager - supports the storemanager in all aspects of the branch operation, providing personal and telephone assistance, providing open, helpful and inspiring after sales services. Make sure the business is always neat, well-organized and marketed correctly and that all guidelines, processes and checks are followed.

Sr. Game Advisor (Shift Leader) - supports the shop manager to monitor all shop activity and provide customer support in a personal, open and engaging manner, in the presence of a customer and on the telephone, which includes responding to inquiries and helping with selecting, purchasing or returning products. Support in sales promotion, stock monitoring, avoiding losses, replenishment, branch office clean-up and upkeep.

Game Advisors also shares information about our clients' games, ensure that our games are simple to see and buy, process client transaction and provide a neat, organised shopping area. As a result of this roll, the stores' overall output is higher and the level of client contentment is higher.

Finding & Applying at Galleria at Crystal Run

Foreman at Spencer's Toxins. You must be 18 years old and have one to two years of work and/or education background. Middletown! We' re pleased to announce that H&M's is now hiring consultants. There will be open Q&A sessions on 16.3. and 17.3. from 10-17. Meetings take place in the second floor common room, the F.I.C., around the Charley's area.

The silver and gold combination requires PT Key Sale employees.

Assets awareness / loss prevention Employees 111

Modell's aims to be your local sport boutique. Since 1889 in the hands of the whole estate, Modell's is the place where enthusiastic sport enthusiasts can go shopping. Featuring a long story and a premonition that shows you embrace and celebrate your love of the sport, Modell's is the place to work if you like a quick, entertaining and thrilling workspace.

Modell's has a number of fundamental principles that guide our day-to-day business and decision-making. You as a Model's Associate are required to maintain and show these levels at all time. Being an Asset Recognition Associate, you are in charge of maximising the profile of the branch while at the same time acting as an messenger of good will towards each individual client.

At this point, the system sends a report to the branch management. Welcome and welcome every client as they walk into the shop. To make sure that every client has been confirmed, you must move through the shop as required by the client flow. Provide excellent client support to your clients by ensuring that they are supported by a member of the team. Support in the preemptive of exterior and interior larceny through consciousness.

Monitor the correct use of safety gear in the shop and notify us of any issues. Thank you to all customers for the visit in our shop and welcome them to come back. Participate in the Asset Awareness Associate Call. The AAA is obliged to fulfil the same requirements and directives of all Modell's Sporting Goods employees and to make all necessary new hires.

Modell's Sporting Goods is an equal opportunity employer through politics and practices and signs both state and state legislation prohibiting discriminations based on racial, colour, creed, religious beliefs, ages, gender, nationality, handicap, marital status, gender preference, alienation or nationality or other protection. Working for Modell's is voluntary and can therefore be ended at any point in the Associate's or Model's choice with or without cause.

The employer-employee contract remains in force throughout the entire period of an associate's contract with a model. No verbal or tacit arrangement may be made to change this work. Above information is up to date at the date of release and may change in the course of Modell's Sporting Goods. We' re glad that you are considering a chance at Modell's.

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