Jeanne D Arc Credit Union

Joan D Arc Credit Cooperative

Joan of Arc Credit Union offers convenient banking services such as loans, credits and checks for your business and personal needs. Joan of Arc Credit Union, Lowell, Massachusetts. Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union Mobile Banking App gives you access to your accounts anywhere, anytime from your Android mobile device. Joan of Arc Credit Union is a community-based financial cooperative offering financial products and services. You can find out what works well at Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union from the people who know best.

Joan of Arc Credit Union: Loans, bank transactions and cheques

You must have a $250 or more to open a deposit certificate. Fines can be applied to early withdrawals and are charged at the interest rates you earn at the date of payment. We may revoke this promotion at any given moment. This 13-month certificate of deposit will be renewed as a 12-month certificate of deposit with the latest APY.

$5.00 member account needed. The 2% discount is available to members who have a Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union VISA Cashback credit cardholder. This 2% cash back promotion is for qualifying sales of tickets for trips, events and restaurants made between May 28, 2018 at 12:01 and September 3, 2018 at 23:59.


We gave members of the fellowship the chance in May to appoint someone they know and who goes beyond what is important to other individuals. We' ve got so many beautiful nominees and we really enjoy knowing all about the astonishing things so many of our neighbours do to make payments every single working days. It was certainly a hard winters, which led to higher than usual costs for fuel.

To help our members with their stunning heat bills, we ran our Small Acts That Give Back - Pay Your Heater Bill Campaign. During the whole of March, the members sent us a letter explaining why they needed help with last winter's fuel bills. Hopefully this little act has contributed to reducing part of the cost of this year.

Recently we caught buyers at the Market Basket on Fletcher Street in Lowell by surprise with Market Basket greeting card and a free carrier case. It was a pleasure to see the smile on the faces of our members as they were given a small present to help them shop. The small acts That Give Back went on into the week-end, this week at Muffins on Main in Westford.

Clients were particularly surprised when they placed their orders and were encouraged to pass them on to other clients in line. Muffins am Main users are encouraged to expand their own efforts to help organisations in their neighbourhood. Located in Lowell, the organisation provides essential supplies such as groceries, clothes, financial aid and transport for needy people.

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