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Regardless of your goals, Jackson College can help you achieve them. The Jackson College is a public college in Jackson County, Michigan. See Jackson State Community College for Tennessee College. See Jackson College (Disambiguation) for other applications. Discover the ratings, rankings and statistics of the Jackson Community College.

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Wellcome to Jackson College! Regardless of your objectives, Jackson College can help you attain them. No matter if you are about to start your college or return to college to change your job, or are looking for a class to enhance your lifestyle, we have a place for you! Bienvenue back to Jackson College! Besides an expirienced teaching team and employees, who are dedicated to an optimal training and preparing for your professional development, we provide a wide range of additional benefits to help you meet your objectives.

Jackson College Foundation was created to underpin the college's overall mandate by allocating the extra resource needed to secure the college's continued prosperity, improving the college's community reputation, expanding its basis of assistance, communicating its capacity to respond to community needs, and equipping the college with a level of excellence for its education programmes and servies.

Jackson College staff are at the center of the individual attentiveness and care of our students' study environments, the appreciation and fulfillment of our university models, and the heat, cooperation and business impacts of our workspace. Jackson College's CCE offers high level educational programmes. The WFT co-ordinator works with industry leaders to design courses that address the needs of the staff today.

CCE also provides further trainings for people looking for vocational qualification, career advancement or individual gain.

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The Jackson College is a community college in Jackson County, Michigan. Founded in 1928 as Jackson Junior College, Jackson County constituents in 1962 decided to reintegrate the institute as a community college district under the 1955 Jackson County Community College District Act. The 1964 electorate agreed to a charters arrangement to finance the college for an indefinite period of time.

By June 2013, the Trustees officially authorized a name shift from Jackson Community College to Jackson College. The Jackson College has been Higher Learning Commission certified since 1933 and provides 48 partner qualifications, certification programmes and transfers for Jackson County and Michiganans. Today, the college has an annual enrolment of nearly 8,000 college undergraduates between its various sites; Central Camp in Summit Township, the Flight Center at Jackson County Airport, the William Maher College on the northern side of the city near Interstate 94 (I-94), JC @ LISD TECH (Vocational) in Adrian, and the LeTarte Hillsdale Center in Hillsdale, as well as on-line programmes.

Its Board of Trustees consists of seven members who are appointed for a term of six years. The central campus of Jackson College provides students' accommodation and is becoming one of the few community schools in Michigan to do so. Sponsorship provides a wide range of Division II athletics programmes, which include Basketball, Ballpall, Softball, Football, Tennis, Cross Court and Playgroun.

The Jackson College currently runs 4 campsites in and around Jackson. The Central Campus is the main and biggest JC site of the 4 sites. The majority of the university' s academical and administration buildings/offices are on the Central Campus. The Jackson College Potter Center is one of them. Jackson College's Potter Center is the most diverse and comprehensive visual art center in the region.

The Jackson College Central CAMP currently has 3 dormitories; CV1 (Campus View 1) from 2007, CV2 (Campus View 2) from 2009 and CV3 (Campus View 3) from 2015. Both CV1 and CV2 are on the southeastern edge of the university, while CV3 is on the southern side of the university.

Clyde LeTarte Hillsdale Center opened in 1991. Previously, Jackson College had provided training as part of Hillsdale High School's adults development programme. LeTarte Hillsdale Center provides related healthcare, economic, criminal law, graphics and medical care training and many training programs for those wishing to gain credit for a 4-year college-trip.

Situated in Adrian, Michigan, JC@LISD TECH assists college and college graduates in and around Lenawee County. Situated next to the Lenawee LISD TECH Center, the 27,000 square meter complex offers state-of-the-art equipment, classrooms, sci-tech wings, a full-service bookshop and a cafe.

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