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C sarge reynolds community college

J. Reynolds Community College (Reynolds) est un collège communautaire en Virginie avec drei Standorten : Discover J Sargeant Reynolds Community College reviews, rankings and statistics. Store J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College clothing, textbooks, merchandise and gifts at the bookshop. Browse the resumes of our students, alumni and community members.

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All Reynolds Faulty, Personnel & Familiy Art Show is open until Monday, October 15th. All Reynolds members of the department, employees and immediate relatives of the department members are entitled to participate. Thu, November 8 to Tue, January 8 at the Workforce Development Building Conference Center Gallery on Reynolds Parham Road Campus.

Please down-load the exhibition proposal, fill it in and send it to Reynolds Art Curator, Karen Steele, ksteele@reynolds.edu. Call Karen at 804-523-5207 for more information. "The Recent Works" comprises about 20 of her works and can be seen until Friday, August 31. Mullins have been in Reynolds for 19 years and have been sharing classes for almost 14 years.

J. Sarge Reynolds Community College

Reynolds Community College (Reynolds) est un collège communautaire en Virginie avec drei Standorten : Henrico County Parham Road Campus, Richmond City Downtown Campus and Goochland Campus in the community of Goochland Courthouse. Nominated after Lieutenant Governor J. Sargeant Reynolds, Reynolds is a member of the Virginia Community College System.

At present, the university is offering 25 two-year vocational/technical courses of instruction, 9 vocational/technical certification programmes, 5 two-year college transition programmes and 41 part-time courses of instruction that require less than one year of full-time education. 97 % of the programmes at the university provide at least one course through correspondence courses. The Reynolds has three locations: Downtown, Parham Road and Goochland.

Downtown College is accommodated in a state-of-the-art high-rise on Seventh and Jackson Street after moving from rented premises in the 100 unit of East Grace Street in autumn 1981. You can find this university on or near (1-3 blocks) many GRTCs. The Parham Road inaugurated in September 1974 in a new, state-of-the-art facility on a 0.42 square kilometre site north of Henrico County.

Just in the autumn of 1980, a second teaching facility was finished on this suburbus. In a three-storey edifice next to the Parham Road Campus, there are board of directors and head office buildings. The Massey Library Technology Center, which was renamed after Ivor & Maureen Massey, opened in autumn 2008.

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