Island Casino Resort

Isle Casino Resort

Iceland Resort & Casino, Harris, Michigan. The Treasure Island Resort & Casino is a tribal gaming facility operated by the Prairie Island Indian Community (PIIC) in Welch, MN - Goodhue County. Atlantis Casino offers pool games and exclusive tournament invitations. While Treasure Island Resort and Casino may not be the only casino in Minnesota, it is the only themed casino resort in Minnesota. Christmas Island Casino heralded the dramatic reinvention of Mineninsel.

Accommodation in Upper Peninsula Hotel Michigan

Come to Island Resort & Casino for golf, games, conventions or just for fun and food? Turn your journey into a real holiday by reserving a room in one of our 300 rooms or suite. Every room has luxurious sleep facilities, large-screen TVs with free wired services and comfy seats for a convivial get-together.

From jacuzzis and kitchenette to fluffy bathrobes and luxury bathing accessories, our roomy suite takes your enjoyment to a new level. When our accommodation is not exactly what you are looking for, think of our motorhome fleet, which has 42 pitches fitted with basic comforts. As soon as you have established yourself in the camp, you can use our polite telephone to organize a free transport to the casino.

In addition, take use of the many possibilities that are available to you and your group. If you are looking for a fast snack or a unique eating adventure, you will surely find it on the island. Book your specific holiday today by phone at 877-475-7375 or through our on-line reservation system.

Concerts, Comedy and Entertainment

At Island Resort & Casino we know that playing is not for everyone and that even the most committed players have to take a rest from time to time. That' s why we are very proud to offer our customers everything from world-class fun to national approved greens.

Featuring the latest Island showroom featuring the best performing artists from around the globe, Club Four One provides a relaxed room for free drink and comedy. For the many golfer who come to see us, Sweetgrass Golf Club provides a challenge combined with the kind of scenery that only the Upper Peninsula can offer.

We have put together a range of hotels and accommodation to make your holiday as pleasant as possible for those who are looking for the whole family. Check out our coming shows and then call 877-475-7469 to make your reservations and arrange an all-inclusive. Keep up to date with the latest news on specific actions and happenings - ticket for an imminent outing!

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