Is new York City in new York

New York City in New York?

This is Manhattan Island; Staten Island; and Long Island, which contains Brooklyn and Queens at its western end. At so much to see in NYC, a short trip can feel like a hurricane. It' a microcosm of the world;

everything is in New York. Locate every culture, industry and opportunity in the city that never sleeps. You want to move to New York City?

Decrease in traffic fatalities in New York City

There is a ray of light in the apparently stubborn growling of New Yorkers. During the first sixmonth of this year, the town had the least road deaths: 81. The number of casualties has fallen in almost all modes of transport in comparison with the same periods in recent years, with the exceptions of motorbike accidents, which have risen slightly.

Half-year results that Mayor Bill de Blasio released on Monday were attributed to the town' s successful Vision Zero programme, a multi-year drive to end road fatalities. Uploading the files comes during a period of policy change over velocity chambers in specific areas around colleges, a programme advocated by municipal officers, which needs state authorisation to renovate and extend.

There were 15 road casualties from January to June as against 27 in the same quarter last year. Seven cyclists have died, three fewer than last year during this era. Manhattan was the country where nine casualties were reported in the first six of this year, down from 21 in the same year.

This decrease follows a decrease in the number of road casualties in the town over the last five years. The number of people killed throughout the town has fallen by almost 30 per cent since 2013. The number of road casualties has also fallen - by around 45 per cent, the smallest since 1910, when the number of road casualties began. In the first six motocyclists passed away this year, one more than last year.

According to the Ministry of Transport, motorbike fatalities in the town are twice as high as the state population. Motorcyclist Bill Ferraro, chairman of the Brooklyn section of American bike group Jimed Toward Education, says the city's car and pedestrian-centred attitude to road bike security is the only one.

Mr Ferraro said the town had to do more to save the people. "When it comes to the security of motorcycles or motorcycles, they simply attacked us," said Mr Ferraro. It has stepped up its motorbike penetration with an effort known as Warm Weather Weekends, where policemen are setting up check-points to help cut down on ruthless cycling.

It has also hired members of its transport department, such as Ron Whittaker, a security educationist and a keen motorcycle rider, to concentrate on motorbikes.

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